What's the most you would spend on a belt?

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  1. Do you have a limit to how much you would spend on a belt?
    I have seen some beauties lately and didn't buy them because they were over 100 dollars, some over 200 dollars.
    I cannot see myself spending over 50 bucks max!! But I prefer to spend like 15 dollars on a great Target find or something in Loehmanns, even in the gap.
    How bout you?
  2. Right now I have a crazy collection of belts, some were hand-me-downs from my mom, and others are overly decorated ones from Roberto Cavalli (I have five). I have a few exotic skin Bottega belts, which are probably the most expensive.... So the price range is very high for me, I have a mix of non-designer and designer.

    Speaking of the GAP, I once bought a belt there on clearance for $6.99, wore it to a high end boutique and the salesguy thought it was Dolce & Gabbana.... You definitely don't need to spend a lot of money on belts!
  3. I'm not crazy about belts, so I probably wouldnt spend that much! I think the most expensive I have is a belt from All Saints London which was around £60($120), I also have a Jocasi belt that was around the same price!
  4. Well, if it's really superb, and if I think that it can give a new touch to any outfit, I'm ready to spend up to 200$. I have a couple of belts for around 150$ and always get a lot of compliments for them, even if I wear them with simple jeans and tank top.
  5. i love belts, but i rarely get to buy them, until recently, when i did some major damage during post xmas sales. i've never bought belts full price, and even then, the most expensive was around $100. however, the recent belts i bought were ranging between $70 to $350, with the highest priced one from proenza schouler and it's the wide black belt with lots of details.

    i agree with sonya, you dont have to spend a lot, but you do have to know how to use the right belt with the right outfit...and after doing some comparison shopping, most "designer" belts are not cheap! if you're looking for ones to wear around jeans, i'd recommend linea pelle. i recall seeing a coupon on the deals and steals forum and they always have sale belts, though not as good deal as 6.99.
  6. Generally, I don't really like much belts, but I do wear them so as to pull my look together..As a guy, I think belts speak volumes.. I recently bought a Miu Miu belt for about £199 (I think) and a J.Lindberg belt for about £160.. Pricey, but definitely worth every penny.. I've also got a Prada, Bally and some others.
  7. I'm not a big belt person. The most expensive belt I own is a $30 Ninewest black leather one to wear to interviews.
  8. I've never been much of a belt person... my one and only was a cheapie/affordable militarily looking $20-30 Canadian one I got at Aritizia with grommets. Love wearing that belt with jeans!

    But last fall I decided I wanted a nice belt to wear for work and ideally also pair with jeans and I splurged and got a snakeskin Gucci. It is the most gorgeous belt I've ever seen! It is gorgeous! I think sometimes a belt can really make the outfit and as seen by the large Fendi B. buckle belts - a belt can be THE statement piece of your outfit.

    Low priced or super high priced designer - I think it doesn't really matter - what matters most is that it fits your style and you make a lot of use of it!
  9. OOPSSSS - I started this thread and now was reminded by the posts that I bought a LV Damier belt a couple of years ago, it was like $250...
    Don't think I could ever do that again!!
    I too found the most amazing belt at the Gap on sale for 6.99, it was thick , leather, and metallic!! Great find!!
    My hubby will spend money on belts (Gucci, D&G, LV) and I try to make his fit me if I really want a fancy name brand.
  10. I loooove belts. I have about 30 of them in my closet right now. Average retail price would be around $250 but a lot of them were purchased on sale.Most expensive belt I own is D&G ($750 original-paid $250). My favorite one was purchased during Fred Seagal's annual sale. It is so pretty with so many pink crystals.... Original price was $560,I think I got it at two thirds off.
  11. ^^
    Wow! That's quite a belt collection! The pink crystal belt sounds sooo cute and pretty!
  12. I'd maybe pay up to $200 but only if I really liked it and felt I would wear it enough to be worth it. I rarely wear belts unless I have to.
  13. 60$
  14. I don't think I could spend more than $15-20 on a belt. I like belts but I can't justify spending more than that on one. :smile:
  15. The most i have spent on abelt is about £150, on a gucci one!! Although, that is my only expensive one, all thge others are pretty average price!!!