What's the most you spent on LV in one day?

  1. Hmmmmmmmmm, wondering what's the most amount of money you ladies/guys spent on LV in one day?
  2. Over 3500.
  3. $5300 + tax on my shopping spree with my mom last summer :shame::wtf:. and this doesn't include her loot
  4. ^ :wtf:, i wanna be yeuxhonnetes!

    for me, $3200 or thereabouts.
  5. I live by the "don't ask, don't tell" motto.....
    my husband reads this forum.

    ETA.. I can't wait to see Syntagma & twinkles responses :smile:
  6. Haha. So how much was your mom's loot? ;P

    Grrrrr, USD5300 is about SGD8000 which excludes tax..

    *If only I can go for an unlimited LV spree!*
  7. trust me, it doesn't happen often :sweatdrop:. this was only because my mom came to visit me and we were in Manhattan :p

  8. Haha....
    I realised my husband is secretly reading this forum behide my back ;P
  9. AAAAHHHHHH my boyfriend too:roflmfao:!!!!
  10. Ops. *behind. noe behide -_-"

    I didnt know it until he mentions that TPF is very active and reply comes fast...

  11. Not as much for me, about $1500 when I purchased my neo Speedy. Eek.
  12. $1500
  13. I never include tax because the tax goes to the state lol so my most was $2800
  14. em, I didnt buy it at the boutique but with added taxes that I wasnt expecting (grr), I ended up paying retail for my fuschia speedy £710 ($1500)
    oh why cant I be yeuxhonnetes! xx what did you buy that day~?