What's the most you paid for a designer handbag?

  1. Just want to do a poll? :tup: What's the most you paid for a designer handbag?
  2. About $1750 for my pink Lady Dior.
  3. :roflmfao: hilarious how many threads there are on how much we have ever spent on a handbag and how happy we all are to tell each other.

    Heaven help if a colleague does though!
  4. That's because we are all like-minded soles on here, out in the real world most would freak if they knew what some of us can spend.

    I think my most expensive was my Thomas Wylde Portobello bag which I got half price at $1000 but is £1500 ($3000) in England
  5. A thousand bucks for Balenciaga. And worth every bit of it!:wlae:
  6. AU$2730 for my 85th Gucci bag.
  7. ITA Like minded souls - I just find it so funny that I can come on here without a second thought and let you all know what my spending habits are for shoes and handbags but heaven forbid if a colleague dare to mention costs! My humour I guess, I have to laugh at the irony.
  8. Oh totally see where you are coming from :yes:
  9. 2100.00 a fendi spybag was the most so far :smile:
  10. $2400 plus tax for my LV Mono Theda GM.

    Looks like ill be spending $3450 on my next LV this fall. :girlsigh:
  11. I bought 2 Louis Vuitton Fringe bags (quite honestly the ugliest bags they ever made) for a friend. I had my SA get me the bucket and speedy and she sent me the money. If I remember they were almost $4000 EACH. She turned around and sold them for $5500 each to co-workers. Guess she thought they were ugly too.
  12. :greengrin:

    I haven't bought a very expensive bag for myself yet...but who knows that may change some day.
  13. My H birkins were about $8000 a pop, waiting for my exotic and am willing to go about 30 for that if only it would hurry up and come in :push:
  14. I just broke my record, which was $800+ for a pre-loved Spy on eBay. Now I'm waiting for my Louis Vuitton denim GM in fuscia, which is setting me back $1200. (Also pre-loved.)
  15. I am not tellin' ... :sneaky: