what's the most $ you lost b/c of ebay issues?

  1. a few years ago i was out about $70 b/c of a shifty seller. right now i could be out almost $170 b.c of another shifty seller.
  2. About $1600 when the LV MC line first came out and it was limited. I did get my money back.
  3. I am working on getting back $770 for a FAKE chanel handbag that was sold to me. Paypal has sent all the information they collected over to my credit card company. The cc company has already given me a courtesy credit (so I will not incur interest) Just waiting for the fraud department to close the case and make the credit "official".
  4. $2800 several years ago as most of you already know!
    Monaco-babe aka paparazzi-girl aka moda-da

    See my website!
  5. ^UGH. that's AWFUL!!! i'm so sorry!
  6. $1,900 plus............scammed big time........learned a hard lesson!!!!
  7. Luckily, only $125+shiping.
  8. Only about $150.00 for a fake bag when I first started buying on eBay.
  9. $400 for a fake louis vuitton bag... First and last eBay purchase of a LV bag.

  10. Wow! I just read your website! I cannot believe that! I'm sorry that it happened to you.:cursing:

    I had seen posts about Monaco-babe aka paparazzi-girl aka moda-da but didn't know what was going on.
  11. bout 50 bucks on a fake Lacoste Shirt. It looked REALLY good in the pics...I won't buy Lacoste thru eBay at ALL anymore!
  12. $350 on a fake Fendi.

    Opened a PayPal claim because I didn't receive it after about a month. Seller sends it, I refuse it (so I can have refund), Paypal closes dispute, I'm out all my money and bag too (not that I wanted the fake anyway, but you know what I mean)
  13. Yes please do not buy from her. The website has had close to 50,000 hits. My sister says we should sell something on the website haha
  14. I'm ashamed to admit £1200 on a fake Louis Vuitton. My husband took the girl to court which cost more and she was ordered to pay me at £5 a month LOL. She did this for a few months and then just stopped. My husband wouldn't take it any further as it would cost even more.
  15. 350.00 for a B Bag ! When it is too good to be true it is just that