What's the most you have paid for a bag

  1. I know most of you gals out there have great bags and spent quite a bit for that bag.
    But what the most you have ever paid for that most treasured bag.
    Myself so far i have paid the most- $400 for a chanel pochette, i'm still saving for the classic flap. :graucho:
    Unfortunately, i do have limit and most i will pay for a purse would be $1000.:crybaby:
    How about yourself?:girlsigh:
  2. The most I have paid so far is $350.00 that was on a Coach...I'm trying (no success yet) to save for a Chanel. Eventually that day will come.
  3. The most I paid is 1475 for my chanel classic flap. So that is a lot for me. I don't know if I could spend anymore.
  4. The most I paid for a bag is $1290 for my Gucci Horsebit Hobo. If there was a bag that I absolutely loved and could see myself using it for a long time, I might be willing to spend a little bit more.
  5. So far $3150 for my fringe
  6. $660. That's before Vuitton prices went through the roof--the same bag new would cost over a grand.
  7. my baby stam will be my biggest purchase, but it would be funded by the other bags i will sell and whatever bday stuff i get. and then after that i want to get a chanel valentine, and then lol i would basically get a chanel flap, and that would be the limit of money i would spend on a bag.. for now at least lol
  8. $2100 for my Chocco spy - worth every penny
  9. $4427.50 Canadian for my suhali Le Fab followed closely by my fringe speedy which set me back $4370.00 Canadian.:nuts: Needless to say, I've exceeded my bag budget for the next 38 years!:wacko::lol:
  10. I think $650? For my lv reade pm
  11. $1240.00 plus tax on LV MC trouville, which I sold and bought a balenciaga city for $1195.00 plus tax.
  12. <----------- $1495.00 plus tax on my Chanel large cambon tote.
  13. I just spent 1500 on a BV, but I'll be able to use it for years
  14. $2025 on my black reissue 2.55. Worth every cent!
  15. I spent $990 plus tax on an LV Babylone tote, but I seriously doubt I'll ever do it again. As much as I love the bag, spending that much really is kind of crazy when I can get an amazing piece of jewelry for the same price.

    I love handbags, always have, but the prices are going up just because they're the hot accessory right now. I think I'll choose not to participate in their wacky little game of screwing the customer.