What's the most versatile Spy color -Brown or Black?

  1. Just curious on your opinions.

    I've also heard that the texture of the leather on black spy's are not as defined as the other colors.

    I prefer one with a lot of pebbly texture.

    Any thoughts

    Also is there more than one size? I saw on one thread where someone gave the dimensions as 16" and someone else said theirs was 13"?? I'm confused :wacko:
  2. i saw both at neiman and in my opinion the texture on the leather is the same. for me, it depends on your wardrobe. do you have a lot of blacks or brown? or how many black or brown bags do you have? and i think there's only 1 size.

    hope this helps!
  3. The brown tones are a bit more "luscious" than the black. The black appears a bit more flat or matte.
  4. I have the chocolate brown one and to me, it goes with just about everything. I like both the black and the brown but I also find the brown to be "luscious" as described above. It's a beautiful rich color!
  5. I also have the dark brown Fendi spy, and I vouch for it! The deep brown really makes the turtley texture stand out, and I think that the Spy looks better with the texture detailing. Also, it's a deep enough color that it almost looks black. So think... black with brown highlights.
  6. I think there's a smaller size, maybe it's only available in white{?}
    I prefer it in brown versus black.
  7. I also have the brown, it was my first spy and I ADORE it!
  8. Thanks for the opinions. I went to take another look at some Spy bags today at Fendi and now I'm having second thoughts.

    I can't fit it comfortably on my shoudler so now i don't know

    I really don't want another handbag. i have so many.

    I want something to hang on my shoulder

  9. Hi Iluvbags "wave"!

    I have dark brown spy and just love it. Mine actually fit comfortably on my shoulder.

    BTW, what color did you see in Fendi butique on the regular spy? :lol:

  10. LOL .mine won't fit comfortably b-cuz I need to lose a few pounds. It will go on my shoulder but it'll keep falling off. :lol:

    In the Fendi boutique there was a dark brown, striped denim :sick: , some kind of light mustard color and a cognac. But I pointed out to the SA that the leather was torn on the cognac one so she took it to the back and said they were going to damage it out.

    Are you looking for another one?
  11. I have the dark choc brown one and IMO, it's more versatile. It looks richer and more interesting too. Black is just boring.
  12. I wouldn't mind getting another one but I am waiting for the right color. I am curious about the Fall color but my SA didn't even know what's the new color for Fall?:huh:
  13. I think that in general brown goes with both summer colors and winter colors. When you buy a big casual bag like the spy perhaps consider a casual color like brown. When you buy a more formal bag like a Chanel black is classic and timeless and can go from day to night. Also the Black color spy was sold at Costco at one point, fyi.
  14. My favorite color is the honey and fortuny hologram colors.
  15. I have to say the brown - It just seems to look more expensive some how!