Whats the most versatile RM bag if I ca only buy one?

  1. The Matinee in Glazed Almond or the MAM in Tangerine??
    Or even any other suggestions would be much appreciated!
    I can only afford one right now :sad:
  2. Oh wow... that is a difficult question. GUNG, any help? :smile:
  3. My 2 cents - I had the matinee in glazed almond. Didn't like it. The leather was stiff and the color didn't do it for me. The bag seemed really big! I have one now in black and I think there is really a big difference. It's very smooshy and soft.

    While I think the MAM in tangerine is tdf, I'm not sure it's that versatile. If you're truly looking for a bag that will go with anything, maybe a more classically neutral, ie black, gray, navy, or even the glazed espresso.
  4. You'd probably have to go with a mix of the two....MAM in Glazed Almond! MAB/MAM is the more iconic style, but the glazed almond is a more versatile color than tangerine.

    But if it must be those two choices, then go for the MAM in tangerine...it might not be the most versatile of colors, but it's stunning!
  5. i have the sage mam and that i wear with everything.. brown and black. thats just a suggestion.... :smile:
  6. I don't think the tangerine is totally versatile, but I still think it could go with a lot. Of course, that's coming from someone who works colored bags into her ensemble about 90% of the time! If I could only have one, I would go for the one that's more striking (assuming I loved the color and thought I would for a while).
  7. I just saw the Morning After in chestnut..what about that one?
  8. I dont like black handbags or green ones. I thought wine and I love red but its not versatile?? Im so confused. I have a navy blue bag so I thought a brown-ish type bag
  9. I have a older season caramel MA and it goes with every color I've got in my wardrobe. The caramel doesn's seem to be available anymore, but the saddle color is similar --


    and the upcoming season's hazelnut and sterling seem like medium-colored neutrals that might compliment the full spectrum of wardrobe colors.
  10. Thats a toughy. Like Mockinglee said, the MAM is the more versatile bag but the espresso is the more versatile color. Even so, I think the tangerine MAM can be very versatile as well, just not as versatile as say a MAM in espresso.

    LOL, Im sorry if that didnt help.
  11. Huh????? Wah??????!!!!!!!
  12. I have the Matinee in Glazed Almond and I LOVE IT! I think it's more versatile becauase you can wear it pretty much year round. It can easily go fall/winter or spring/summer! Let usknow what you decide!
  13. Ok Im even more confused. I wish she sold her bags here in Aus. At least I could try them on :sad:
  14. The most versatile for me is the MAB, because of its size, which can accomodate files, magazines and other papers without folding or bending them, although an MAM may work just as well. I love the MA style. I've seen the Matinee in stores, but haven't tested its depth (if you will) as a work bag -- it may work just as well. The glazed almond would be a very versatile color. I'm contemplating a Matinee in blue w/grey suede, so I'll be testing all this out shortly.
  15. Morning after Mini is the one I'd recommend. Unless you need a big carry all then I'd get the Morning after...