what's the most rid/paethic offer you ever got from eBayer? Post it here ;D

  1. I wouldn't take it personally. Sometimes I set up auto-decline. If I didn't, I just counteroffered the low bidder my BIN price.
  2. I sold an LV bag to a person and after 5 days I sent the invoice again and got this message.


    I regret to inform you that the owner of this account it deceased and will no longer be completing purchases.

    Thank you,

    I felt weird but kinda bad at first, but they quickly agreed to cancel the transaction. Then, not even 2 weeks later I recieved an OBO on a different item from the same account. Wow, of all the excuses...claiming that they were dead to get out of paying! Needless to say I declined.

    And Maddam? :wtf:
  3. I just listed my Bal Day bag last week and someone contacted me after the auction was over and offered to buy it from me for %50 of what I paid for it. I told her no thanks, I'd rather keep it then to sell it that low and it's brand new at that!
  4. I had someone offer me $100 for a new BE&D bag that sold for nearly $2000.
  5. I had a Prada Bag with a BIN or BO option. The BO bid was given to me by an individual at 70 percent less then my BIN on the bag. I counter offered with a dollar LESS than my BIN. I met an insult with an insult.

    Present and future auctions with a BO option, have the automatic rejection if the offer falls below my parameters.
  6. call me insane, but I usually offer a relatively low price. I have read on TPF that many members have sent in a low offer and WON! Sometimes sellers just want the product out of their hands. I know it may be annoying, but please keep this in mind as "we" send our offers in.
  7. I have been contacted several times with lowball offers or requests for free shipping, even though I don't even mention that as an option.
  8. I get low ball offers all of the time. I never take it personally. I most recently had a $15.00 offer on a $75.00 best offer listing. It was an insulting offer that I just declined as opposed to letting it expire.
  9. I love the way the lowballers start their emails: "since you didn't sell your item, will you sell it to me for..." Sure, offer me half of what I paid! I would rather donate it to the poor, than sell to some idiot that will most likely turn around and resell it for more somewhere else!

    And regarding people that ask for free shipping, personally I don't mind, as long as it's within my own country; I always offer free shipping anyway, it makes the sale more attractive.
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    I got offered $175 with free shipping for a pair of BNIB Christian Louboutin Very Prives in nude patent. I listed them the first time for $600 and they didn't sell because the auction ended on a 4th of July in the evening (which I didn't think about when I listed them). I declined the offer and countered with $500 as my minimum and the buyer sent me a messge saying something like, "Obviously there is little interest in these shoes as they are not that rare so I will up my max to $300". I just ignored the offer as I felt insulted. Just because my item didn't sell the first time around doesn't mean I should let you have it for super cheap!

    Another thing I hate is when buyers come off as aggressive from the very start. For example, I got this type of message years ago for a Marc Jacobs dress I listed: "I'm willing to offer you $200 for the MJ halter dress but that is my final offer. I will not entertain a counter offer or a higher negotiation price." I didn't respond, lol.
  11. Yes ITA. I listed a bag with a starting bid of 1700 and got an email on day one asking if I would sell for $400 without having to go through the bidding process? Seriously? I didn't even respond. As a buyer though, I'm frustrated with sellers not posting clear photos or blurry photos which you need to have for authentication. When I've asked for clearer photos they say they don't have a camera or they are bad at taking pictures. If you are selling a bag worth thousands this is not acceptable.
  12. LOL because I went through something similar! I was selling on CL before going to eBay and it took a month to sell so i got an email from someone offering X dollars because "obviously no one is interested since I've had it listed so long." I thought of several clever rebuttals like, "Wow you must be psychic," but finally responded with, "You are right." They then said, "So you'll accept my offer?" I responded with a simple NO.
  13. Same here for the same shoes lol. Her max was $300 as well :p wonder if it was the same person.
  14. You should try poshmark. It's diwnright insulting at times. Ridiculous.
  15. You may do this already but I use the settings tab on BIN to the lowest possible offer that I'll review. That way if someone offers something ridiculous eBay will decline automatically. For instance if I am selling a bag at $800, I'll use settings to decline anything less than $650. That way offers below $650 r declined without me ever needing to waste time on it. However, this will not stop people from emailing and asking me if I'll take their ridiculous offers.:smile: