what's the most rid/paethic offer you ever got from eBayer? Post it here ;D

  1. I can't seem to get the hang of this...for example, just now I got a question asking whether I would sell my item for half the list price and that "the price was different than at Barney's". I replied by specifying the actual price at Barney's which is about $200 over my asking price, and saying that I would not sell it for half of my list price, but that I could drop the BIN to the starting bid if he wished.
    He responded by telling me that he didn't get through the first two lines of my response because I was rude and nasty. I thought I was just being informative, but I get this type of aggressive response a lot when I decline an insultingly low offer. Is there a better way to do it than to try to educate buyers on the actual value of the item, to show that I'm not overcharging?
  2. It doesn't matter what the subject is, or what the offer is, if you send a polite email, and receive one in return that is impolite, then it is not because of anything you said or did, and since you have already answered the legitimate question, "will you take $XXX.00," if your answer was no, and was expressed politely and civilly, then there is no need for the person to email you again, unless they hope to convince you to change your no, and since such an effort would not involve calling you rude, or being impolite to you, I would simply delete the email and not reply at all.
  3. I think there is an eBay option that automatically declines offers under a threshold you set. For example, if you are selling an item for $1,000 but won't consider an offer below $800, the offerer will receive an automated "no."
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    Best Offers??
  5. If it's a best offer, you don't even have to give a reason or a note when declining I believe. :yes: I know I pass on auctions where I know I can get it cheaper somewhere else at some point so I submit my best offer. If they don't want it, that's fine with me.
  6. If the offeror was rude, I would block him from bidding on my auctions. You don't need problems with him in the future. JMHO
  7. I totally agree. I had a bad vibe from him from the onset. And this is for a running auction, not one set up for Best Offer. I just wonder if these people get a bit snippy because they realize they are not going to get what they want at the price they offered.
    Thanks for all of the advice, you were all very helpful:flowers:
  8. I love selling on eBay, but i just erks me when people send you messages with ridiculously low offers or keep bugging you about authenticity. educate yourselves before buying. errrrr
  9. Yep...this will always happen no matter what you write in your auction and how many photos you take. Back when I sold LVs, I spent a lot of time with a bidder going back and forth via email explaining what made it authentic and it paid off because she bought my whole pink Cherry Blossom collection and paid via cashiers check, so just be patient and with the ones that are totally out of it there's always the delete button! :flowers:
  10. I so know what you mean. I have been in your same position. Just try to be patient with them and it usually turns out pretty good. Good luck on your sale!!
  11. i think it's only natural that people go bugging u with those questions....

    i would too, i mean bbags are not cheap, even tho i know it's authentic but i just need to make sure

    u know, some people don't have the luxury of coming in here and disuss or study Bbag hahaha

    maybe u'll get used to it some time soon, hopefully!!

    good luck :smile:
  12. Totally. But you know, when I bought my first Bbag, the seller pointed me to all the resources, and was endlessly patient while I'm sure I was a pain in the butt... Things like AtelierNaff and this forum are passed along word-of-mouth, mostly, and in the end make for a more educated buyer... so hang in there, be patient, and send 'em links to all places where they can find the information to feel confident making their purchase.
    But low-ball offers - that's a major NO-NO.
  13. It can be annoying, but hey, I say be a good seller and provide the information. I feel like I know a lot about authenticating bbags, but when it comes to other brands I'm a total novice. I ask a lot of questions, and it also tells you a lot about a seller when they're willing to take the time to write to you and with clear information.

    Nothing turns me off more (as a buyer) when a seller states that they won't answer questions about authenticity or get annoyed when you (as a buyer) want more information regarding the history of hte bag. With all the fakes on ebay, sellers should be more understanding about all the questions regarding authenticity!!
  14. ^ agreed =)
  15. i agree...some questions can be annoying especially the ones that you specifically state in the auction. I'm however very easy going and answer all questions no matter how annoying they are. It's just part of selling on ebay.