What's the most modern protocol on sending business letters?

  1. I have been working in PR for a few years, which is quite casual. Recently I have been in contact with larger organizations, and am debating between what would be the most proper way to send a business letter.

    For example, I recently met a high ranking official and would like to thank him for meeting with me. Do I put the business letter on a letterhead and attach this Word doc to the email? Or is a polite email sufficient? Do people even use letterheads anymore?

    Can someone please advise :smile: TIA!
  2. A business letter should be just that, a letter (on printed letterhead) sent by traditional mail. eMail is much less formal.
  3. I agree - is it considered bad etiquette to receive a thank you letter in the mail one week after the meeting? This person is located across the country. Should I overnight it, or is that too desperate? Sorry for all the questions, I really don't know. :cool:
  4. I wouldn't send an email, if this person is high ranking, it might get overlooked. I would send a letter on company letterhead. I don't think you need to overnight it, but you should get it in the mail ASAP, sending it a week later is kind of late.
  5. Thank you. I'm not sending it a week late, but I do think it would take a week for it to reach the other side of the country.