What's the most important to you?

  1. If you had to "settle" for lower color or clarity(on your center stone of e-ring), which would you pick? Which do you think has the most bearing on the way the diamond looks? And what is the lowest you would go.....VS1, S1, H, I...etc?

    Some friends and I were at lunch the other day and we got to talking about this, and it just made me wonder....what is more important to you???? =)

    Can't wait to see the answers......
  2. i choose clarity over color (but cut above all else....without a great cut, all you have is a rock in an expensive setting). i've seen some K VS1s that sparkle like crazy and face up white....and i've seen some F Is that loose sparkle b/c the light can't reflect well through the inclusions.

    the lowest i personally would go in a RB is an eyeclean J as long as it faces up white (keep in mind eyeclean is different to different people). step cuts like emeralds and aschers don't hide inclusions nearly as well....so for them my lowest is vs1 and faces up white. all this assuming i've already found a very well cut stone. i would pass up an F VVS1 for something lower if the cut was better....
  3. cut most important, then color, then clarity.
  4. If i had to choose between a higher clarity vs. higher color grade, i'd choose higher clarity and lower color. But ultimately it depends on the individual stones...
  5. If I had to pick, I would pick clarity.
  6. It depends on how well the stone is cut. For example, I have seen some well-cut "I" color stones with SI1 or SI2 clarity that look MUCH nicer than say a poor-cut "G" color stone of VS clarity.
    Cut is King, as they say. It can be the difference between making a diamond look firery and brilliant, VS looking like a piece of frozen spit.
    All in all, if I had to "settle," I'd go for better clarity (like a VS) and lower color (like an I or J).
  7. Cut is most important!
    I'd sacrifice a color grade for better clarity.
  8. I picked my most important between what the OP asked. Now if you put cut in the mix, cut will always win.
  9. I agree with this 100% and it is also what most jewelers will recommend.

    To the original question, I would compromise clarity. As long as the diamond is eye-clean, I'm happy with it. However, I wouldn't go below G colour, particularly if it will be set in white gold/silver/platinum.
  10. 1.Cut

    I have a weak spot for F-G-VS2 hearts and arrows diamonds:yes:
  11. Interesting question. I have just helped my Mum get a 3 carat diamond princess cut. The only things I looked for were that it be eye clean, good colour and good cut. I actually prefer for there to be inclusions, but not visible to the eye, or hidden where they are not on display eg bottom of the stone. I prefer inclusions because that way I get a diamond that looks like it is worth $60 grand when it is set, but for say under $30 grand.

    The cut is number one, as this is what produces the fire. Color also is important.

    Of course if price is no issue you want everything. But to me, being eye clean is enough of a standard.
  12. i'd probably say the inclusions would bother me the most.....
  13. but yes..the cut is the most important
  14. I once had a 4 carat pear cut because I wanted big but guess what? It was yellow in daylight the color was so bad! I ended up getting G color and staying in the V's for clarity and now all is well.
  15. I agree if they are visible to the naked eye, no one wants a blizzard going on or a big black spot! But sometimes you might find a diamond that presents as eye clean (only to have an inclusion right where the claw will go......or right underneith the diamond). Every diamond is different and like wise inclusions are not all equal.

    Anyway, thats how I buy, but you need to inspect each diamond individually. Some diamonds far outshine what you would expect going by their stats. It is also important to know who is giving the so called stats because one company`s H diamond might be a J with someone else!

    My dh is a jeweller so I have learnt alot from him.