Whats the most I should pay for this??

  1. I am trying to figure out whats the most I should pay for this scarf....


  2. most pony scarves retail in the $38-45 range. if you have to pay S&H factor that in too. IMO, if it goes above retail, I'll just keep looking, unless it is a HTF item.

    That's cute!
  3. I like the call the outlets and see what the person selling it must have paid for it... but since its a scarf I think you might have trouble identifying the same one over the phone. Assume it cost $38 in the store... its not in the boutique anymore (at least not on the website)... Id say $28 total (including shipping).
  4. Well I cant go to a outlet store because we dont have one here :sad:
  5. no no if it was a bag or something easily identified and described i would CALL the store and ask the SA if they have the item and how much it is going for. that way you know what the eBay seller paid and can offer a fair but not outrageous price. its worked for me a few times and gotten me great deals while still making them a profit.

    I agree that if it goes above retail to look elsewhere or wait for another one to pop up on eBay.

    That is a realllllly cute scarf!
  6. well I won it .. and I bid to much .. but it was really cute and the only one on eBay..ehh oh well it will look cute on my new black patent hobo lol
  7. congrats! i was just searching ebay for another lol b/c its soo cute!
  8. I can't wait to see your pictures of it on your bag! I know it is going to look adorable on it!
  9. LOL!! That is me every time bidding too much! It is very pretty though. I thought about getting one like it. Can't wait to see it on your bag!
  10. lol now I am trying to see if this black patent hobo is too much money... ehh here we go..

    ASKING $319 buy it now I am trying to see if she would take less though :sad:
  11. Isnt that crappy. I dont have one either :sad:
  12. ^^ whats the retail 348?

    I would offer 50$ less then asking if she had a best offer.
  13. girl, you are on a roll!!!!! :p