What's the most expensive thing in your bathroom?

  1. I was thinkinga bout this while I was cleaning the bathroom today.

    What's the most expensive beauty product that you've got in your bathroom? Not including toilet, bathtub/shower, sink, etc :smile:

    Mine...Ehhh, I'm fairly cheap so I'd have to say either my Clinique skin care set or my FF Protein RX Conditioner :smile:
  2. my makeup drawer for sure.
  3. mmmmm all my hair products. i use l'oreal professional everything from shampoo to conditioner to treatment.
  4. probably my Chi Iron, but all of my makeup and skincare is either Chanel or Armani and Bumble and Bumble hair products. I'd hate to add it all up because I seem to be collecting it.
  5. My Bumble and Bumble hair products are pretty darn costly, but so is my skin care line (La Therapie). I don't even want to add that all up......:shrugs:
  6. on a single item? definately my chi iron.
  7. A bottle of Creed Spring Flowers perfume.
  8. One ounce bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier's Classique.

    After that, my progesterone cream. When you're my age, you'll understand.:roflmfao:
  9. i'm cheap, a $40 dior powder compact
  10. My perfume - Island by Michael Kors (mmm, smells so good!). I think the bottle was around $70.
  11. :smile: Well...my makeup/face creams are definitely the most expensive..But if you're talking one item I'd say my professional sonic jewelry cleaner...You won't catch me dead wearing a dirty diamind lol!! :heart: Emmy
  12. Creme de la mer - which is too rich for my combination/oily skin. I keep meaning to use it as an eye cream but it just sits there mocking me for having wasted $95 on something that did not live up to it's reputation. Oh well, live and learn. Peggy
  13. my Tourmaline hair dryer
  14. The marble floors and bath. definitetly.
  15. my prescription medication.... :biggrin: