What's the most expensive item of clothing you've ever bought?

  1. I think a lot of girls think like me ...I spend a lot although mostly sale for classic designer items.But when it comes to clothes ....I know a lot of clothes go on sale !! And also get ruined snagged or out of style !! So I don't like spending a lot on it.
    I think the most expensive has to be my bcbg leather jacket for 400$ i think ...
    It's a jacket tho ...
    For top and shirts the most is $100
    And jeans $100
    Of course these retail for way more but that's what I pay:smile:
  2. An Antik Batik vest (from what I can remember)
  3. This, I paid just over $1000 for it.
  4. I paid less than that since I only got the chilliwack. But still, it's my most expensive piece!
  5. A Rodarte beige lace dress I reserved for my daughter's christening...almost $4,000 after tax and shipping
  6. Which one did you get? I noticed they have been their prices every year now
  7. Originally I was a Chiliwack fan (had 2) but now that I'm older I prefer a longer coat. So this winter I picked up the CG55 Kensington Parka. The regular Kensington is about $200 cheaper but I prefer the CG55's look.
  8. I´m also a cheapstake in clothes...I am single and I spend so much on bills of all sorts, travelling and everyday life!
    But I now proudly own a Max Azria dress, I paid 340$
  9. I don't like buying expensive clothes. The most I ever spent on a piece of clothing was probably my BCBG prom dress for $300. Shoes and purses are another story though :sweatdrop:
  10. i think my burberry trench and balenciaga leather jacket ties on most expensive. i can't remember which
  11. the most expensive item I've bought so far was a pair of shoes - the GML disco balls for almost $3000, and as for casual - a pair of Roberto Cavalli jeans (for $400 on sale)
  12. A £1500.00 camel coloured, long, cashmere coat, bought in Harrods a few years ago.
  13. cashmere is worth investing in, bet you dont regret it!
  14. A purse for about $2K
  15. An Emilio Pucci dress for over 2k...