What's the most expensive item of clothing you've ever bought?

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  1. I'm NOT thinking wedding gowns! Though other formal wear would qualify.

    As usual, it's a real time of year to browse for clothing. But it seems as though the prices get more and more unreal every year, as well. Coats are especially expensive. And then there are things like tailored jackets and skirts.

    There's the rationale that certain items will be investment pieces and it is worth spending money on those. But, in the end, it really is just clothing -- bound to be ruined, to a certain extent, if worn. And, if not worn, it does deteriorate slowly in the closet. Still -- who's to say that it's wrong to spend money on something that doesn't 'last'.

    I guess I'm just curious.
  2. $170 shipped on a pair of R&R Silver crowns. i don't like paying retail...
  3. Probably my favorite pair of True Religions that don't fit anymore ;) $325.
  4. My most expensive items of clothing are my St. John pieces. A St. John suit (jacket & skirt) costs me about $1000. Ouch.
  5. ^^^ It must be really nice, Pink. Wish you could post a pic.!
  6. Actual purchase price? Just over $300 for a pair of R&Rs, I think. I've gotten really lucky with good deals, though.
  7. mackage winter coats, love them! about $600 each and worth every penny.
  8. my balenciaga dress $1,980. pretty but real pricey :sad:
  9. Designer leather jacket..over 4000.00 dollars...Loro Piana
  10. yep, I hate to think about it to be honest. I guess the most I have spent would be on my evening dresses. Easily a thousand each on a couple of Matthew Williamson ones, and easily a thousand each on a couple of Missoni ones I have.

    Have a piccie of my MW ones, and one of my Missoni ones that is cute



    oh and another MW that I have bought and not worn!
  11. I have a couple of Chloe silk dresses with some rhinestone details. Each was about 2000 USD.
  12. probably my miu miu coat, but it was a gift from dh, so does it count? no idea the $$. runners up would have to be shoes, and by some standards, i've been told they were "good deals":yes: at $300:Push:.
  13. OMG!! That sounds utterly utterly gorgeous!!
  14. I knew that you'd have something great, Jill!!

    And that isn't even huge for a coat nowadays. So many of the nice designer ones are in the ball park now. :sad:

  15. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! Thanks so much for the pics!!!