What's the most expensive Christmas present you've bought or received?

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  1. Today I saw another Lexus commercial where the dad gives the mom a new Lexus with a bow on top. Has anyone ever had that given to them? Just curious...

    This year, the DH got a Breitling Hercules, and I got the Brentwood LV Vernis in Amarante...
  2. My laptop that I'm getting for Christmas this year...950 EUR. :wtf:
  3. A few xmas's ago I got a car. But no bow!
  4. I got a BMW X5 in 2005 ... but no bow either.
  5. ^^ haha, now i'm tempted to mail you a bow for xmas!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. sigh... im jealous
  7. No car...haha...I got a 1,500 dollar laptop last year from mom and dad....does that count?

    Though in a couple Christmases I will get a Chanel shopping spree and an Hermes. That will definitely be the most expensive holiday ever! (post-deployment $$$$)
  8. Well this year my dad is paying for a wall unit that my hubby and I are having built...
    other than that I would say my 1st laptop...
    Most expensive gift I have given was when the 1st 60 gig ipod came out...
  9. 2 years ago my parents bought me a pair of princess cut diamond stud earrings.
  10. Received: Diamond right hand ring......still gaze lovingly at it!

    Given: this year - DH got a new 52' LCD-HDTV (combo B-day and Christmas gift).....
    Of course, he'll also get new DVDs to watch on it, and a few other things purchased before he mentioned the tv-deal. Lucky him this year!
  11. Hermes Birkin, Togo, 35cm.........It wasn't new...it was a gift from my mom.....she gave me the one that she had for 3 years...still clean and good as new.....! it's sitting right next to me now! Love it! thanks Ma!
  12. Received: My first car! With all the helpings LOL, a big bow in front and they filled the backseat with balloons!

    Given: A pair of Dior sunshades for my mom.
  13. Last Christmas we were sitting around the tree at my parent's home and there was a huge box for me. I opened it thinking it was a new Chanel bag or something but among the tons of tissue paper there was a BMW car key. I expected my parents to give me my dad's 1.5 year old BMW X5 but they bought me a brand new one :biggrin: They hid it in the garage that is connected with the guest house and there was a big red bow on it. They filled the trunk with tiny balloons..it was really cute :biggrin: I started crying!!

    Oh, memories... :angel:
  14. Most expensive gifts received would have to be various jewelry pieces. Most recently, Mikimoto pearls two years ago, and last year, Anthony Nak large sapphire chandelier earrings. I wear those all the time. When I was in highschool (a very, very long time ago), my dad gave me black pearl earrings, which I still have and wear. That is probably up there for expensive gifts.

    Most expensive gift given - I bought my parents a large painting for christmas this year. It was a few thousand dollars, and that is the most expensive gift I've given (although perhaps weekend away last New Year's to my BF was equally as expensive... I'm not sure).

    If I were to receive a car as a gift (which it seems a few of you ladies have received) - I would want a mercedes (with a bow, of course) LOL :smile:
  15. This year the single most expensive gift I'm probably going to give is the PS3 80gb for my DH. (He doesn't know -- I told him we should wait until we get a new TV to get the system.)

    Generally DH and I don't spend much on gifts for each other (:crybaby:) but I'm hoping the dollar amounts will keep rising as we get older and more financially well off.