What's the most expensive bag you've ever seen advertised?

  1. I'd never EVER buy something like that from an eBay seller !!! No way no how !!! Now, if I was super super rich I might buy that from Hermes.......
  2. If I were to spend that kind of money, e-bay will not be the place I would choose to drop the cash!!! I will go directly to the Chain.
  3. holy molly!!!
  4. The LV bag is the most expensive i've seen.....with like 20 different lv bags sewn together for like 48,000 dollars! Its not even cute!
  5. Croc and diamond Birkin...$100,000+
  6. For someone who buys that, $55,000 is not a years salary, lol, more like $5,000,000 or more.