Whats the most economical way to ship large 15" x19" shopping bags?

  1. My bills have been piling and I have several large shopping bags that I never touch. I've seen that some people on ebay can them for about $20 for one... but how do I ship it? What the most practical way to ship it? Would it be worth the effort after shipping costs. I wonder how those sellers ship it, I assume they dont fold it.

    Ive ebayed a bit but always sold small items which I sent through USPS and First Class. Ive never seen anyone ship something so big via USPS and First Class.
  2. what kind of shopping bags are you talking about? like a paper handled Nordstrom bag?

    I would think the best way to ship it would be to lay it flat inside a box that hasn't been opened up (so the box is still flat too) - slide the bag inside there then tape up all of the sides and everything so no water can get is, it will stay rigid and not bend, slap a label on there and you're good to go.

    hope that made sense
  3. that's a good idea!
    i appreciate new box ideas!
  4. ^ Thanks. I talking about those big Louis Vuitton Shopping bags, the 16" x 19" ones. I like to the keep the little ones but I really have no use for the huge ones so i might as well sell it instead of let it take up room in my house.
    Can I ship something that big via USPS First Class? Priority Mail? I've never shipped UPS or Fed Ex before so I don't know if itd be cheaper. It's flat but its HUGE.
  5. Thanks again!
  6. parcel post will be the cheapest
    too big for first class