What's the most disgusting thing you ever ate?

  1. Reading Cal's horse thread got me thinking that surely there must be some ladies who have ate a more disgusting thing, LOL. What is the most disgusting thing you ever ate that made you :yucky: after you ate it.

    The most disgusting thing I ever are was locust. Yes you have heard right LOCUST! My dad was in the foreign service and we went to Thailand for a while actually when I was about 17-18. So I had a bet with this American girl from the American embassy which is about 2 minutes down the road on who will chicken out first shouting a certain word (in Thai) in an open space restaurant in the middle of the most luxurious mall in Bangkok - equivalent of Saks on 5th Avenue, New York.

    I lost so I had to eat it. There is just no word to describe it, it is so gross because it's crunchy on the outside but then when you start chewing it, it's all goo-y from its internal organs. Eww! The worst part was that I had to swallow it!

    EDIT: Forgot to say that the locust was a bit too big so you can't swallow it in one go and you have to bite its head off first. Eww! I am getting the shivers from just thinking about it, LOL.
  2. I ate a cockroach when I was 1 1/2. Freaked my mother right out.

    My husband ordered what he thought was a mushroom dish in a French restaurant a few weeks ago (menu was only in French and Dutch). Half-way through he had a close look at the "mushroom" and saw some veins popping out - turns out he was eating chicken hearts. Always the trooper he kept on going, he said they were quite tasty.
  3. I know this wont be gross for some, but I hate fish!! YUK!! It is very healthy for you, so i thought since I was older I would give it another go. I tried salmon...BLECH!!! I still Hate it!
  4. Hmm, I actually like chicken hearts. But I did grow up eating random innards.
    I would say sea urchin - too mushy (I also hate eggplant).
  5. I love seafood but the only thing i can't eat is Codfish. Codfish on its own ughhh....pass the water please
  6. OMG I was going to say Peanut butter I hate hate hate it but when I see the posts that have gone before here I don't stand a look in.
    Locusts, cockroaches & chicken hearts UGH!! I feel ill just thinking about that!!
    can anyone imagine eating all those creatures that they do on "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" OMG!
    I really like salmon :smile:
  7. Fish eggs (caviar?) on the sushi.. ewe!
  8. I wouldn't say I haven't had any insects in my life (who knows, maybe I've eaten several worms already in my fresh garden salad). But the more I read about meat in this country, the more I'm sick of it - all those corn-fed or soy-fed animals cramming inside cages, or colored farm raised salmon, and we're probably eating some really really bad stuff...
  9. I saw on a documentary that a woman had a baby and then she had a party to celebrate the birth of her chid. So guess what she served them? PLACENTA pate! Yes pate made from her placenta.

    It's not from my personal experience so I don't know if this should be here!

  10. I hate caviar!
  11. I ate coffee grounds once.. completely by accident! ewwww!!!
  12. I hate onions. haha
    I've never really had anything "blegh!" i think i know it's going to be "blegh!"
    by just looking at it so i steer clear. On another note while in Guatemala, Central America visiting my family (I'm half Hungarian half Guatemalan) Me and my family went to a semi nice restaurant and my cousins had turtle soup!! It was even green for god's sake! EWWWWWW...it made me cringe that they were enjoying it so much!:throwup:
  13. I like eating alot of foods but I HATE raw sea urchin. Resembles slimy yellow cats' tongue and bitter!
  14. OMG I am ill! I wonder did she tell them first??
  15. ^omg.....placenta??????????????????????????????????????

    ***insert Jill Vomiting......*****