What's the most disappointing bag you've ever bought?

  1. Mine is without doubt a Chloe Paddington. Within a few weeks I found it heavy and hateful and was delighted to sell it.
  2. My most disappointing was a marc jacobs quilted baq with the gold chain strap. It was so heavy I didn't even want to carry it empty, much less with my things in it.
  3. Without a doubt, the Tano "GoldieShocks" tote from last month.
    Just overall very disappointed in that bag on so many levels.
    Still might give Tano another try, though.
  4. Luella Gisele. It was very cute, but way too heavy when I started using it like I intended to.
  5. Piero Tucci, kelly like bag, damaged bag, horrific experience in total, extremely dissappointing customer service, scam to describe it in one word.
  6. YSL reversible tote. The purple color was gorgeous but I couldn't deal with the lack of interior pockets and it didn't work as a shoulder bag. The quality didn't seem to justify the price either.
  7. Moni Moni Splendor: I know I am of the minority about this bag here on tPF, and I LOVE squishy-mushy-gushy leather so I was so excited about getting this bag, but this bag was shapeless, wrinkled, and flimsy. When I tried to put things in it, everything just fell to the middle like I was carrying a bowling ball or something, and it looked even worse! I put that bag right back in the box and shipped it back the same day!
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  8. Hayden Harnett Mercer Clutch. It was when HH was just blowing up on the forum, they were having a huge sale, and I dove head first into the hype. I really did like the color (blush) but everything else was a let down.
  9. I agree completely about the Moni Moni Splendor I have it in Plum. I think it too remains one of my most dissapointing bag ever. It's hard to explain why I don't like it but it really is pancake like when it hits any surface. The edges look scuffed with brown like something went wrong in the dying process. I would have returned it but while I was checking it out my three year old thought the receipt was play paper and cut out a "beautiful design" so I had to keep it. I always say you should carry any bag you like no matter what your age. But I think this is the one exception for me. If my daughter were older than eight I would let her use it. No offense if you love it but it's just not for me.
  10. i have yet to buy a bag that disappointed me. i guess i am just sooooo picky, i won't buy a bag until i see 5.4 million pics of it and or try it on IRL before buying. sigh!

  11. If I weren't so impulsive, I wouldn't have to regret my buying the large black patent Erotokritos Basquet. IMO, it looks like a huge black patent UPS shipping box!
  12. botkier bryant hobo. i purchased two: one in dark brown and the other in grey. the grey bag's leather was tdf, but i found the color kind of odd. in comparison, the brown leather looked cheap and thin making it not worth the $600 price tag. it's a shame because i was obsessing over this bag for awhile. i ended up returning both.
  13. Botkier rose satchel. Looked and felt like pleather to me. That went back! Also didn't like the Gustto large setela...ginormous! Sent that back and got the medium instead (now, that is heaven!)
  14. Anna Corinna Lady Duffle. It was hard to get into, the zippers were terrible quality, the leather was thin, and even though it looks cute in pictures on other people, it didn't look good on me.
  15. I have two that I thought that I would really like, but they both are a pain to get in and out of because of all the steps I have to go through to get in and out of the bag.

    A Francesco Biasia, a brand that I love, that is a satchel with a zipper top, but it has a flap that has a magnetic closure over the zipper.

    A Cynthia Rowley Lenore bag that does the same exact thing. Love both bags, but they have shown me that I can't buy any more bags with all those steps to go through to get in and out of.