What's the meaning of the letter?

  1. With the letter we can know from which collection the bag comes from?
    is that correct?
    So what means Z,Y and A?
  2. Z is f/w 05, Y is s/s 06, A is s/s 05 :smile:
  3. Yes, that's correct. :yes: The letters correspond to the season the bag is from.

    A = Spring/Summer 2005
    Z = Fall/Winter 2005
    Y = Spring/Summer 2006
  4. oh?
  5. The link isn't working:confused1: :confused1:
  6. Thanks, Hatikah! I came back to post a more direct link, and you had beat me to it!
  7. I find I usually need to go to both the art of the tag page and the color swatches page to verify that a bag is authentic.

    You can just go to the color swatches page if you want to verify that a particular color was produced during a certain season letter ... the correct season letters are posted above the color swatches for each season. Here is the color swatches page:

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season
  8. thanx for the links
  9. No problemo - love your avatar, badbananagirl! ;) Do you have the big photo posted somewhere so I can see a closeup?

    Does anyone know what letter will the Spring colors have? Will it be "V" ? Why did they skip "X", by the way?
  10. Wow, that is really interesting, I never knew that.
  11. I put you a pic with all my new b bags.
  12. wow.. where did you get all your bbags?

    Did you get them all recently?
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