what's the main driver for your size choice !


Nov 22, 2006
Hi everyone,

I was browsing around the forum, & I saw different opinions on the Sizes & why to go for 35cm rather than 30cm for example, (Most of the responses were go for that size because of the Space or Height)

I wanted to open the discussion on that topic what's the driver for choice?
Is it " How tall are you ?" , or " How much stuff do you want to fit in ? " , or " The Fashion ? ",....

Like For example some ppl like to wear big bags but they choose big bags not because they want more space (it can be 80% empty!)... They only like the look of big bags on them & because it’s fashionable, regardless of their height...

So, for you what’s your driver? What do u really care of?

So, For you what’s your driver? What do u really care of?


Pay it Forward
Jun 15, 2006
I guess, for me, the most important factor is weight. I don't like a heavy bag , so i buy the smallest/lightest that I can get away with. This in my case is the 30 cm Birkin.


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Apr 25, 2006
uhm... for me, the factor is MY weight (for any bag) LOL

I regularly choose a larger size because it is proportionately suited for my curvy aka big build. I love the look of the smaller bags but they are completely dwarfed on me.


Seeking Simplicity
Mar 9, 2006
For me, I pick the size based on what I need to put in the bag. I try to get away with the smallest bag I can. My Kelly is a 32cm, it fits everything I need to carry on a daily basis with some room to spare. I am larger so a 35cm would probably look better on me but it would be too big for my everyday needs. If I could have fit everything in a 28cm I probably would have purchased that size.


Jan 2, 2007
I base the bag size on my size, lol (I'm short >_>). I can't wear a big bag, and I can't wear an uber small bag, so I pick the in between, which is about a 30-31cm size. I also do not care for heavy bags.

I won't base it on what I put in it, because I can easily scale down what I carry around with me...I usually need to anyway, less I carry around meaningless junk :biggrin:
May 6, 2007
its a combination of utility and style: i think most things look better in a small size--you see the details more. its just a fact. the design of the kelly is most evident in the 28 but its not always practical for many women today. that being said a 30 cm birkin is scarcely any wider but it is deeper and opens wider........so the size is also relative to the style. I am 5'6" and pretty thin so i feel the 28/30/31 sizes look the best............however a larger bag like a 35 looks fine IF its really soft and flexible. A stiff 35 looks like a suitcase on me. To answer your question: there is no one driver in my decision making regarding size. Lastly, I may for example, "need" a larger bag for all around use but i wouldnt buy a 35 birkin in any color but a neutral.


Nov 22, 2006
mmmm.... interesting !
Food for thought
Some are practical..Care about what exactly do they need to fit in ?
Others Care about their “looks " ( how the bag matches their body )
& some defiantly want to have the fashionable look " Big Bags "
I remember a SA told me once when I told him about a bag that the size is big for me
He answered: “that’s the Fashion, it has to look big, and they design it that way ..."
Feb 26, 2007
It's a bag. For putting things in, right? Soooo, I judge a bag by what I can carry around in it and what I have to leave behind. Being criminally unhip I don't worry about whether it suits my frame or skintone, I just want to know if I can carry my life around it.


Dec 23, 2005
Proportion...the 35 Birkin suits my frame better than the 30...

"Feel"...the 28 Kelly feels "funkier", more fun on me than the 32...also like the 35...but only in certain leathers, colors, styles...

The same contents typically go in my 35 cm birkin and 28 cm kelly bags...unless I am carrying the birkin for work or on travels...

All personal preference...on and for me...


Hermes Convert
Sep 13, 2006
I like big bags yet I do not put alot in my bag. I stay away from bags due to my size. I am a lil shiy of 5'8" and NOT petite. I usually go for 35 but I also have a 30. I would mainly use the 30 for more special events


Aug 26, 2006
My main driver is the size of my butt/hip ratio. If the bag makes it look any larger (like the 25cm did) then I pass. Overall it is important to me that I appear as streamlined as possible which after two children is more of a challenge. So I carry 35 Birkins and feel svelte but feel very large when carrying my 28cm Kellys.