What's the LV bag you would buy twice?

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  1. Meaning, you have an LV handbag, you love it, and after many years it becomes really worn - and you still love it - but you buy a new one just for a refresher.

    I love my ManhattanGM so much that it is a handbag I would buy again.
    Anyone else have these thoughts or have you done this?
  2. The epi dhanura. I just love it as an everyday bag.
  3. The Black Epi Speedy.
  4. BH for sure..I get so much good out of that one!
  5. i would get my white mc speedy...im in love with my baby:love:
  6. Monogram Speedy..It was my first LV.
  7. my cerises speedy. Although I can't buy a new one, I'll definitely have the leather replaced. I love it so much!
  8. My Speedy 30! I'd buy it over and over!!! I want to get another soon b/c mine it worn a lot!
  9. can i say my damier koala wallet?
  10. Speedy azur!
  11. Mono Speedy 25. My favorite bag ever!:heart:
  12. Ditto! I just looove my Speedy so much :love:
  13. MC Speedy with more pinks and purples in the front. Mine has a lot of blue, which I like, but I'd prefer more pink and purple.
  14. i don't have one yet, but i'd buy a mono speedy over and over. :p
  15. manhattan PM!!!