Whats the longest you've had to waitlist for a LV...

  1. AFTER its been released? For me, I waitlisted for my Red Epi Pochette in August and didn't get it until November. So thats 3 months.

    My Azur Speedy may break that record though, since its been 2 months and counting! :push:
  2. hmmm..I would say azur speedy but technically that is my ONLY waitlist so far aside from the flat pouch....and it's only been a couple weeks..but i've been delaying being put on the list cuz I thought they'd have more in by January...even by February when the price increase was supposed to come into effect...

    I hope we get our speedies soon!
  3. Hmm...I waitlisted for the Azur Speedy 30 and waited six weeks. This was back in November. I ended up not taking it because I wanted a shoulder bag instead.
  4. hmmm. would miroir count? some people waitlisted their miroir in june of 2006 , around 6 months (december)
  5. I said AFTER its been released. So the miroir wasn't released until December. ;)
  6. i can't ever seem to get on one!
    this will be my first for the dentelle speedy in a few weeks!
  7. 0... I've never gotten waitlisted.. I'm too bad with my money. I'll save up and when they actually HAVE the bag, my moneys already spent! haha
  8. Hmm..probably about 2 or 3 months after the MC Speedies were released. I got the Alma fairly quick though.
    I was on the list at my Neiman's for the Speedies and finally gave up and just got the white one off of elux one night when it popped up because I was sick of waiting for it. Then the black one came into my store a couple weeks later.
  9. Does it count if you waitlisted and never received a call?
    I've been on the list for the Miroir pochette at HR Calgary...and to this day they still haven't called me...LOL!

    Other than that...haven't waited too long...I've only wait listed for the Azur pochette and pomme cles...

    OH WAIT!
    I wait listed for the clear inclusion bracelet in September and got it in December. There.
  10. umm...7 weeks for my azur speedy. frusterating, but worth the wait.
  11. Hmm. After it's been released? The only thing I can think of waiting for was the Pastel Glitter bags. I WL for them then got a call from VF saying that they were sold out. Other than that I usually get items I WL for on the launch date.
  12. Azur Saleya MM since November and counting. I'll probably end up with the Sporty
  13. Longest?....... 1 day and 13 hours
  14. Oh yeah! I remember you kept on phoning them to check if it had arrived yet! :roflmfao:
  15. 7 months almost for the miroir.