What's the longest you've gone without a shower?

  1. I thought this might be an amusing topic, and I wonder who holds the record. Right now, I'm recovering from oral surgery (had 4 dental implants) and I'm actually fine, don't worry, but haven't left the house/seen sunshine/moved more than 15 feet in one go in days. I've also avoided showering because, uh, you know, the water, if it like, hits my face too hard might, uh...f*** it, I'm LAZY okay. Still, this isn't my record, it's just why I brought this up.

    My record is around a week, give or take. It was a spring break in junior high, and my stay-at-home mom had gotten a job. At that age, I had no car or friends with cars, and I didn't leave the house for a long time. I guess things got a little ridiculous, and I didn't shower that whole time. Neither did my brother (which makes me feel better, really). Not that we did anything else worthwhile, but we weren't really out to impress each other with our sparkling cleanliness, and again, lethargic as turtles on weed.

    Anyway, can anyone else compete? I'll be kind of sad (and embarrassed) if no one else can, but hey, I guess you guys learned something new about me!
  2. 5 days! I was at a 4-day rock festival and on the camping ground we stayed they only had those yucky portable toilets you see on construction sites :yucky:

    It was quite interesting... all the mud, beer spills, bbq odors, yucky stuff on the camping ground + no shower *shivers* uggh, bad combination :push:
  3. I guess when I was a kid it might have been a week bcause I was out camping or something.

    As an adult...2 days max and I'm grossed out!
  4. I promise i am a clean person! I routinely shower once to twice a day! Its my de-stressing time! I think i can match a week and raise it a few more days! though, only because i WANTED to be clean! School camp (forced to go trust me the only stars i want to be sleeping under are 5!) the showers had fungus growing and the water was running at a freezing temp. Thankfully i was able to spend a night with my aunt whom had a hotel room and i showered! oh how i showered! Otherwise it would have been a full 2 week camp like that! And it was in my prepubescent years were BO wasn't so much a problem.

    Actually atm i haven't showered in a 2 days! (i feel like scumb) I have been studying for a test tomorrow and haven't had the time. In just over 12 hours the test will be done and it will be shower time (before i prepare for the next test) is it sad that my only happiness for the next fortnight is tPF and showering? (oh and i do have a little package coming my way! although it may pose as a distraction)
  5. 4 days! man I thought I was bad! haha. It usually happens when I have nothing to do and im not leaving the house. I just see no purpose in taking one haha. But I ALWAYS shower before going out, without exception, even if i am late. I am so glad im not the only one.
  6. Six days, I think ... maybe less. I was on a field visit to a border in NE Africa, and I hate to shower anyway.

    My bf showers twice a day, so he really has a cross to bear with me. I've gotten better about it, though.
  7. In 1993, there was a weather phenomenon that news channels still call "The Storm of the Century."

    Much of the eastern half of the US, including the South, had blizzards. Real blizzards. People who had never seen more than the slightest whisper of snow were now in it up to their knees - and higher.

    Power was knocked out in lots of places, even cities, for days. I'm not sure how many days I didn't have lights, and therefore hot water, or heat, so I can't say for sure what my exact record is, but I did not take a cold shower and shake myself dry in the sub-freezing temperature, I considered it an act of heroism to wash my face and hands and brush my teeth!
  8. 4 days when i went to glastonbury when i was 16, i felt gross when i got home.
    luckily the next time i was staying in a trailer with a shower and flushing toilet because my dads friend owns the company that provides the stages and tents and he got us into the staff camp site.
  9. the blizzard of 1993! i remember that! i was only 8 at the time, so showering wasn't a priority anyway, but we had sooooo much snow for Atlanta! we were out of school for days!

    my longest stretch is probably a week, but i don't remember when. probably when i had my wisdom teeth taken out or when i had a really bad lung infection - both were in high school. i don't shower every day anyway because my skin and hair are veeeeery dry and my dermatologist has always cautioned me against it - it just makes it worse!
  10. I've gone 4 days at the most, due to being sick.
  11. I thought I replied to this thread,b ut I guess not!

    I would say around 3 or so days. I have very oily hair, so if I don't wash my hair everyday, my head itches like crazy and my hair looks like it was dipped into an oil pit. Gross. haha, just imagine how bad it was after 3 days!
  12. 4 days. This coming from a girl who showers every single day.
    I felt disgusting by the end of those 4 days.
  13. same here with the hair!

    I just got out of the shower because of the nasty ichy hair and when i touched it i could feel greese on my hands :tdown:
  14. Probably four days when I was sick. It's hard to stand in the shower when your head is pounding and you're nauseous.
  15. No more than 2 days and that was when I had the flu last year and was too wiped out to do anything!