whats the longest you have waited for a bag?


Jan 9, 2010
i want an alexa
i want it now
but i cant afford it :sad:
i am going to have to save up for it and it will take months.
what is the longest you have waited for a bag? was it due to money constraints or just having to hunt the particular bag down?
do you ever save or do you bung it on the credit card and worry about the cost later??
have you still got the bag you waited a long time for?

Midlands lass

In the dark........
Aug 28, 2010
I am bad and set a poor example. If I lust over a bag, I bung it on the card then worry a bit about the bill, then have to save and pay it off so I don't get clobbered by interest.
My new years resolution is to NOT do this anymore and save. Far more sensible approach. Alexa isn't going anywhere so you have plenty of time, good luck!!


Oct 23, 2010
I'm rubbish at waiting. If I decide I want something I move heaven and earth to have it. I bung it on the credit card but do make sure I pay it off immediately as I won't pay interest - the bags are dear enough. I wish I had restraint.


May 21, 2009
The bag I've always wanted was oak bays. I wanted that for years before I decided to buy it. And now I'm looking forward to it developing a lovely patina ;)

I never buy unless I have the funds right then and there, for me it's just not an option to buy something without having the money.

If you stop spending money on little buys here and there, and focus on Alexa, I'm sure you'll be able to buy it before summer's here ;) Good luck!
Nov 2, 2009
Peak District
I have waited 2 years ( so far ) for a brand new Darwin Oak Roxanne to pop out of somebodie's wardrobe I think I will be waiting forever
LOL! I also waited 2 years to buy my first Mulberry. It was partly money constraints, but largely due to the shock of spending £395 on a handbag! (haha, those days are in the past!!). In those 2 years I probably spent more on other makes trying to appease my lust. And then the Blenheims went in the sale, and I bought one!
Jul 9, 2009
I searched for months to find my stone bays and black printed bays- but the wait was worth it both times- there will always be bags- wait until the time is right for you!!


Mar 7, 2009
I'm waiting patiently for a Blueberry Bayswater....I'm not a patient person usually but for the right bag I know it'll be worth it! :biggrin:


Sep 2, 2008
Northern Ireland
Two years for my gorgeous ginger Darwin Annie! :nuts:

I am another gal who just has to have things NOW so this was a very frustrating wait for me. Not helped either by the fact that I first purchased a faulty one (ebay seller didn't disclose fault and turned out to be an absolute nutter; ended in ebay dispute which I won), and then a fake one!

I also put things on the credit card and frantically try to sell stuff off after the fact. Usually works but it's risky!

I'd say wait and save your pennies. The Alexa will be around for a long while yet and you'll feel amazing being able to pay for it in one fell swoop rather than monthly payments for the next year!


Feb 17, 2010
I only buy if I have the funds for it. I'm fairly good at not impulse buy things and tend to put away some money every now and then in a "bag fund" (which I have now blown on scarves so need to start saving again, or sell some bits and pieces).
A good friend of mine always admires my bags and moans that she could never afford a M bag- but in actual fact she spends far more than I do on her constant small shopping and medium priced bags - of which she's got a huge amount.
A bag you love will come along when you have the funds. Put away a small amount in a special envelope every now and then - for example when you stopped yourself from an unnecessary purchase -match the sum- and you will have your funds sooner than you think!


Aug 6, 2009
I am still on the look out for an oak darwin bays

:nogood: Not grubby
:shrugs: No damaged edges
:throwup: No nasty Niffs
:excl: No dirty marks on the inside

Hopefully one day soon someone will find their darwin bays that they bought and put it at the back of the narnia wardrobe and forgot about, think it's just an that old thing and put it on ebay for ten pounds! :graucho:

In the meantime don't settle for less than you want and wait one day you and your dream bag will meet in the meantime hope this gave you a giggle!


Jan 30, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
It took me 11 months to finally get my Alexa. I lusted after it ever since I saw the oak on Miss Chung even before the actual item was released. Then bad review from some of the girls here plus hefty custom tax if I bought it from mulberry.com & delivered to Australia, put me off.

2 other handbags later, I still couldn't get over it. I saw the ink one at mylittleboutique available for quite reasonable price so i caved in & bought it.

Check other sources like preloved online shops/department store sale, you might be able to afford it sooner than you think.