what's the longest you have carried your first lv bag?

  1. I know some people still have vintage bags that are from the 80s that they still carry and they are in great condition. I can't believe how durable and beautiful these bags are. I hope i can carry my papillon for a while because i don't think my husband is going to let me get a new one any time soon.
  2. i have yet to carry my first lv bag i bought more then 1 mth ago ...
  3. I've had my Drouot for 10 years and still carry it. I've had my Babyone for about 4 years and still carry it.

    My Gucci Doctor bag still looks good after 22 years. (I know - another brand - but I had to throw that in there).
  4. wow that's great. Well i guess i wont have a problem with having my lv for years and years.
  5. my first LV, my MC speedy which i got about 3 yrs ago, i carried for about a year... i don't use it too much now, though... i use my cerises or mono speedy now...
  6. I have my Batignolles Horizontal and I use it as much as I can, I have had it now for a little over a week and abosultely love it! I have already got some mysterious marking on my leather handles - which is annoying me but when the patina darkens it won't matter! I haven't been able to use to all the time - days when it's raining I use one of my GUCCI's instead.
  7. My very 1st LV was a year ago. I used my BH from August of 05 until April of 06 when I got my Mezzo. Then I used my Mezzo from April of 06 til just last month until I got LH! All are still in great condition, I just wanted to expand my LV collection. I'll keep on buying LV because they last and last and last. It's an investment I'm willing to pay the $$$ for.
  8. I got my first LV in Munich Germany 10 years ago, a damier bucket. I still carry the bag at present. alternating with other bags of course! Still in good condition after all those years:yes::yes::yes::yes:
  9. My first LV was last year and I carried it up until I got my damier speedy this year. I switched it out some with another purse, but not too often. I just love my LV purses!!!!:heart:
  10. wow that's great to hear. I like the vintage mono speedys
  11. My first was Mono Speedy 30, purchased back in 1992. Still in excellent condition...as she still makes her way into my bag rotations :smile::smile:
  12. Okay, I am a total purse dork! I got my speedy 30 last christmas from my husband and I still carry it every single day....wait, xmas is next month right??? eeek.
  13. my papillon 26, used it almost 5x a week for about 2yrs, it still looks new with honey colored patina :smile:
  14. I go through phases. I still carry my first, a speedy 30, pretty often but my LV collection is pretty small.
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