What's the longest time you've gone between handbag purchases?

  1. I got the idea for this thread from another thread about being satisfied with what you have. Everyone seemed very cynical about how long you can remain satisfied, and how long until you find another obsession calling your name.

    So, let me ask: what's the longest time you've gone not buying a handbag? I'm not talking about suffering, saving up or a purse ban, but a genuine calmness and happiness with what you own, and no desire to have anything more.
  2. longest was 5 months!:sweatdrop: I was saving for a Chanel which I love so much!:yahoo:
  3. I'm so bad about a month.
  4. I'm on a purse ban right now, my last purchase was May 26th and from here on out I cannot buy anymore bags without DH preapproval. He was very understanding for so long:nogood:
  5. I've only recently become interested in purses and hopped on the purse bandwagon; so I suppose the last purse purchase before the recent interest has been oh..4-5 years ago. :biggrin:
  6. holy crap I am going to do so bad on this answer...
    My longest was 40 DAYS!
    (And I forced myself to do it because of Lent - I gave up buying bags, but then right after I couldn't help myself! haha)
  7. For me it really varies according to whether I see a bag I really want...and if i can afford it! Sometimes it is months, sometimes weeks between purchases. Only a handful of them are high-end. I still get satisfaction and enjoyment from my bags months and years after buying them, because I only buy bags I fall completely head over heels with. I have been really surprised since joining tPF by how many people seem to hop from one bag to another - I see my expensive bags as long-term investments and don't use them to death for a few weeks and then go straight on to the next one, but alternate between them and intend to go on doing so for many years to come!! :yahoo:
  8. Usually it's several months but then, again, recently I've bought 3 in about 6 weeks. The worst time is as the seasons change - summer is the worst as I always seem to need a new summer bag. I've spent the last few years building up a collection of classic bags and I pack them away and them bring them out for the relevant season, using 2-3 for each season. That way I don't get bored. I'm finding myself looking forward to bringing my LV mono speedy out this autumn after its summer hibernation!
    I've decided less is more and I'm turning my back on 'it' bags and high fashion and going for classic, timeless bags.
  9. If we are all buying so many bags, as it seems from your posts....how many bags do you have? what do you do with the ones you've outgrown? Give away, garage sales, eBay? Wow. There's a lot of handbags out there!
  10. My friends and family tease me about how many bags I have, but I've just done a mental count and I actually only have 14 (6 of which are high-end) and they are different sizes and suit different occasions. 14 doesn't seem that many...is it? :shrugs: I've never re-homed any high-end bags, but over the years a few of my cheap bags have been given away or I've thrown them out after I've used them literally to death!
  11. I started a shopping ban on handbags at the first of this year, and didn't buy a handbag until almost 6 months later (white leather Legacy hippie Coach bag at the outlet for an amazing price, had to have it). What surprises me is that I haven't bought one since that one time. But if I see something good in Paris next month, look out! :smile:
  12. Before I found tPF, the longest would be about 14 mts. when I was a new sahm and we were saving for our new house.

    Since finding tPF in April however and getting hooked on Chloe ... the longest between bag purchases (all online) was 25 days. I must add however, that I have returned a LOT of bags coz' I didn't like them IRL - about 13 returned in all!
  13. 16 months and still counting...
  14. hmmmm i think i've dropped some big bucks for 5 bags just in May and June. The purchase before that was quite a few months...maybe last year!? But I think my BF will go nuts if I get anymore... He has put me on a ban til the end of the year!
  15. Before tPF it was about once a year. Now....once a month. Actually....I'm in trouble with DH so I had to slow down. Once I leave it won't be for another 2 years.