What's the longest any of you has waited for a black birkin bag?


Aug 13, 2006
I have been waiting a while for a togo 35 cm with PH - I was still hoping there is some chance of 2006 but its looking less likely by the day. Those of you who have one and got it at Hermes as opposed to a reseller or second hand - how long did it take? I am not impatient* (well, not anymore, thanks to arcangel's book recommendation of "Power of Patience") but I am, uh, curious.

*plus, my new gold togo kelly is going a long way in keeping me entertained - the more I carry it, the more I enjoy it


ah barenia birkin!!!
Apr 29, 2006
It's about half an year to 2 years depending on your relationship with the store.


Sep 1, 2006
I have been waiting a while for a togo 35 cm with PH -.........

*plus, my new gold togo kelly is going a long way in keeping me entertained - the more I carry it, the more I enjoy it
Just wanted to comment that a Gold Kelly is one terrific"while you wait" entertainer:yahoo:


Jul 27, 2006
with Mr X
You may hate me too. Mine was about the number of seconds it took for my SA to check the list of birkins in stock on the store database.

But it must also depend on where you are looking. If you happen to be in Paris at 24 Faubourg, the wait may only be minutes (since there are a few birkin/kelly deliveries during the week), whereas at other boutiques, where the annual birkin quota is much much smaller, then the wait could take weeks or months (or years).


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
And if you happen to be in San Fran, the wait could even be..........NEVER!!!!!


Over the rainbow~~~
Apr 13, 2006
My first request took me a half day to find one. It was fushia ostrich Birkin. I decided that I wanted fushia ostrich Birkin, my mom called her ususal Hermes little before closing time on the day I decided that I wanted it. We got it on the next day when Hermes opened!

Oh....regarding A BLACK BIRKIN...my another black Birkin just happened to be there... so, wait was...should I say 'none'...?:shrugs:
Aug 27, 2006
LOL, to make you ladies feel better...my wait will be forever...at this point anyway...so the range is from 5 minutes to forever!!! Hope everybody else falls closer to the 5 minute mark!:yes:


Aug 26, 2006
I am in Beverly Hills and my wait was 3 months and 2 days from my picking out the leather and hardware and doing the official SO. (BTW My Birkin is exactly what you are requesting!) I honestly think it was because my hubby was with me and he did most of the talking and was politely assertive about his desire to procure a Birkin for "his wife". I may be paranoid but generally things happen quickly when he asks them of SA's. He is very charismatic and just "makes things happen", whereas I'd been on a "list" of "call me if anyone turns ANYTHING down" in Houston TX and SF for 2 years and had never and still haven't heard anything from either boutique. During the 2 years, I was living in Seattle and was calling Houston and SF for wallets, and other Hermes needs so I have a relationship with both boutiques and have been in SF a few times.

The SA here in BH left a message (that my SO Birkin had arrived) on a Tuesday that I did not listen to until FRIDAY since I was sick and the bag was patiently waiting for me with plastic wrap on it until its revealing when I came in the following day. I have since then added Hermes to my speed dial so I do not miss any Hermes calls!


Aug 26, 2006
Does the Beverly Hills store get a good number of birkin deliveries??
They regularly have Kelly's in ostrich, lizard and gold colors calf leathers it seems. I've seen a few Birkins on shelves (maybe 4? in a year) and had a few Birkins presented to me that were hiding in the back and after I declined them they went back in the back IMMEDIATELY. I don't exactly know why this is done. I have been whisked upstairs to view these hush hush offerings. Its not done on the main floor.