What's the latest on Prada?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone else is still buying and enjoying Prada? The Prada forum seems so quiet, there is so much talk about declining quality of Prada leather goods and then I hear there are the price increases three times a year. I do like some of their bags, so just wanted to hear if anyone still buys and wears Prada and are you still enjoying your Prada bag?
  2. I'm still loving prada. I usually go for daino leather for the strength and durability. I just think the styles are classic
  3. I'm still interested, though I avoid the Saffiano like the plague.

    Once I've excluded that there are still things which inspire me; the problem is that almost an entire generation of bag buyers assume Prada = Saffiano, and the well informed ones know that there are vast numbers of the super fakes out there.

    I'm not sure that buzz on a forum= lots of purchases; people complaining also generate buzz. Mrs Prada is a giant in the bag world, and I look forward to seeing her designs because she is so focussed.

    Have I mentioned that I loathe Saffiano? :smile:
  4. I have been waiting and waiting for the perfect daino bag for a couple of years now. I am dying for a black daino tote but I want it to be zip top and not an open tote, that's what has kept me from buying any of the recent daino iterations so far. At the time the saffiano totes became super popular, I really hated them with a passion. Now, I am actually considering buying one of the gardener totes (with a zipper in the middle to put your wallet and valuables and then two open compartments with magnetic snap closure). I find these very practical. My preference will still always be daino though for its quality and durability.
  5. Thanks for sharing your comments everyone. They have been interesting to hear.

  6. I like the Gardeners Tote too! You might also like 1BA853 on the website. It also has a middle zipper section and I think it is a daino leather bag. I did post a picture of it on this forum enquiring about it a couple of weeks ago.
  7. So, what about the Esplanade? I really like it as a design, but unfortunately it's Saffiano, or at least part of it is Saffiano since the description's is a bit unclear, and it's got the zip to seal it which Principesse is looking for.

    Admittedly white isn't the most practical colour, but it does come in black as well; the more I look at it the more I like it.:smile:

    Odd, isn't it, that I didn't really notice it before I started thinking in terms of what may work for others. :wondering

    Any thoughts on the Esplanade, or other bags, to share?
  8. Good thread- I was just wondering the same thing, if people are still liking Prada bags. Also surprised that there are vitello daino fans as well, it does seem from the older posts that saffiano is more popular.

    I had the opportunity recently to visit a Prada Outlet in the U.S. and it certainly wasn't as busy as the Coach store. A lot of the bags were classic looking IMO- they had the vitello daino and nylon bags. I purchased a leather bag I'm happy with although I can't find a Made in Italy tag anywhere but it looks really well made and actually has a zip top closure.
  9. +1 on the daino preference & need for zip top closure. I recently purchased and returned the shopping tote-beautiful bag but I didn't like the fact it only had button closure. You may like the Sacca 2 Manici shoulder bag which is what I exchanged the tote for - it is roomy and has zip closure.
  10. The problem with Saffiano is that you've got no idea what is under all that coating; it could be good leather or it could be cardboard. This is ideal from a counterfeiter's perspective but lousy from ours; the only way you can be sure you are getting Prada is by buying directly from Prada.

    There's also the problem that the Prada Saffiano was so popular that people got tired of carrying the same bag as lots and lots of other people; the backlash effect is very obvious. Mrs Prada seems to be moving away from that :smile:
  11. I adore my double bag
  12. Oh, do you have a picture of that bag? I only know the Manici tote that sold a few years ago. Are there other styles?
  13. The more time I spend on TPF, the more I want to sell my black/red double bag and go for more Celine or YSL....but every time I take it out I get a billion compliments + my husband really likes it so I think it is staying. I'm not as excited about the brand as I used to be but I don't know if it is due to real issues or just my own tastes changing. Its easy for me to get caught up in other peoples' quality concerns, etc. but the fact of the matter is when I use the bag I really enjoy it! Trying to focus on that and be happy with what I have!
  14. I bought the black/fire engine red reversible tote for my daughter because it just looks so good; it's still packed away waiting for her birthday but it looks and feels really luxurious. I've got the Hermes Double Sens, which is another reversible, and that has a completely different vibe.

    If you are getting lots of compliments, and your husband really likes it, I'd stick with it. There are so many bags which come into fashion and then disappear from sight :sad:
  15. Is this style discontinued now?