What's the last possible day to leave any kind of feedback to a seller?

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  1. Hi Ebay experts! On February 1, I bought an item from Ebay using the buy it now option for a friend that will be leaving for Iraq on the 19th. He clearly stated(bold and different font color) in his auction that item must be paid within 10 days and he will mail it no later than 3 days. So I paid it on the fourth, and counting 3 days from that will be the 7th. So that leaves 12 days for the mail to get to me. After a week of sending the payment, I asked for a tracking number. No answer. On the 17th, I asked again because by this time I'm worried that the package is lost or that he has sent it late. Later that afternoon, I received a response with the tracking number. Tracking number shows that it was mailed on the 16th which in no way will get here on time because the 18th was a holiday which means no mail and my friend leaves early on the 19th. So I responded to him that I will send it back to him and if he can issue me for a refund. No response. I received the item on the 20th and returned to him. While standing at the post office waiting to get a tracking number, the post office person told me that I don't need one if I'm returning it to the sender. I didn't insist and I was hoping that the seller will be honest to send me my money back. 2 weeks later, no refund. So I filed a dispute with paypal which of course took their forever time to take care of it. Luckily I paid with my credit card and got the money back from them instead. Oh yeah, I had to buy my friend another bose headphone speaker at the store because she really wants to bring one with her to iraq. My question is, I want to leave a negative feedback to this guy and I don't want him to be able to leave a negative feedback on my account. What's the last day to leave a feedback to anyone. I heard it's the 60th day from when the auction ended? Is that right?
  2. eBay frowns greatly upon what you are describing here.

    Guidelines say 90 days, but a few tPFers here have had the experience that that is not a FIRM deadline.
  3. Thank you for your response.
  4. yup its 90 days :smile: what a nightmare