What's the last movie you watched?

  1. Pride & Prejudice :love:
  2. The little rascals
  3. Taking of Pelham 123
  4. it might get loud
  5. Trespass - AWFUL!
  6. Spiderman.
    I thought it was a sequel. It was basically the original story with different actors.
    Waste of $.
  7. The Blind Side
  8. The Rum Diary.
  9. The lucky one
  10. the artist
  11. Savages
  12. In theaters--Ted

    At home,

    Casino for the nth time. (on tv but love it no matter what scene I catch in. I only have a handful of movies that I can do this with as I prefer to watch movies from the start. If five mins go by, forget it)
  13. Catwoman
  14. Collision earth
  15. The War Bride. It was on Netflix. I liked it.