What's the last concert you saw?

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  1. DH picked up tickets for us to see Crosby Stills Nash&Young's "Freedom of Speech" tour on August 8th at the Sound Advice Ampitheater. This will be the first concert I've been to since we got married in 1996. Prior to that, I went to hundreds, my first being Patti Smith in Central Park back in 1978. Actually, I can tie in concerts to handbags because back in those days I was a rocker, not into disco and I carried eveything in the pockets of my Levi's. When the Police did their first US tour they were playing at the old Palladium on 14th st and I wanted to wear the jeans I had on the day before...I may have been into torn patched up jeans but I was ALWAYS clean so I washed them...when I pulled them out of the washing machine I saw all these tiny white pieces of paper-yes ladies I WASHED MY TICKET and I was DEVASTATED!!! I thought I'd be able to scalp a ticket but back then the scalpers were getting 100 which was a FORTUNE in 78-79 so my 2 friends ended up scalping their tickets and we hit Maxx's Kansas City instead. There was always artsy people selling their crafts outside and my friend Bridget bought me a tooled leather handbag which was the coolest thing I ever seen and a steal at $25.00! Anyway, I am really to excited to see CSN&Y !!!
  2. I saw Bon Jovi when they came to Toronto a few months back!! It was the best concert I've ever seen!!
  3. The last concert I went to was Nine Inch Nails. Queens of the Stone Age opened for them. I went with my husband and our friend. I think that was sometime last year though....

    I wanted to add that I wore my Coach Signature Demi and an American Eagle outfit. I stood out like a sore thumb! :shame:
  4. i saw OLP (our lady peace) a few monts ago. we had box seats, was so much fun. we just got rolling stones tickets for september too! very excited!!! not sure who is opening for them yet, but the rumoured bands sound great
  5. Jack Johnson, forever ago.
  6. i saw guns n' roses about a month ago. they were nearly two hours late :mad: and everyone was practically asleep by the time they came on.
  7. So long ago and kinda embarrassing. Avenged Sevenfold before they were famous! lol
  8. Mines embarassing too..it was about 7 years ago...N'sync..It was at the height of their career when they were the cute little boy banders.
  9. Keene last year in Vegas
  10. thats why the Baggy GM will be staying home! I'll be wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt and a faded denim skirt...would like to get that tattoo bag but must consider my budget and may end up attaching a Coach wristlet to my belt-loop.
  11. Just saw Damien Rice and Fiona Apple on Saturday night!
  12. the warped tour in cinncinati last wednesday, terribly hot and i felt really sick so it was awful :sad:
  13. Bon Jovi and Nickelback last Thurs @ Gillette Stadium. AWESOME show! Planning on going to see Tool and possibly the Stones.
  14. How were they??? I love GNR and would love to see them live again.

  15. I think mine was Saves The Day in March 2005.