What's The Largest / Roomiest Cles?

  1. I have a vernis cles that I use as a coin purse but it's a little tight to hold lot's of bills and cards. I've been thinking about getting a cles that is bigger and easier to fit things into for those times I just need to run out and don't want to take my bag, but I don't know which to get and which is the largest / roomiest.

    Mono, damier, azur cles? (I figure these are the same size..)
    Mini Lin cles?
    Denim cles?

    Also, if anyone has pictures of their cles with stuff inside, I'd love to see.

  2. how about the MC poch mm?
  3. it has the cles chain and it much larger but not tooo large..
  4. All the ones you listed are good.
    The ones I noticed that AREN'T very roomy (though I don't care, I have a couple too lol), are the Cherry Blossom, Multicolore and Vernis. So pretty much anything but those are good in terms of capacity.
  5. I just got the MC pochette MM for christmas and it is roomy. I have not used it yet ... I also have the reg. mono, vernis and denim cles' and out of those ~ the denim certainly has more give. My favorite at the moment!
  6. I was told the Denim cles is more roomy than the other ones.
  7. if you are solely only after another cles then i think the perfo collection is the biggest cles compare to all.

    if you want something for roomy why not consider a wapity??? they are very cute
  8. The new T&B cles is really big and expandable!!
  9. ^^ ITA with T&B cles. I think i'm gonna pick one up for myself
  10. Out of all the cles I have (and I have a lot, haha), I think the ones from the Charms line are the roomiest. 2nd would be the Perfo. Then comes Damier & Mono. CB, Vernis, MC, and Suhali are the least roomy.
  11. the new T & B cles... i have it and i love it. I just purchased it last week. Sooo cute too!!!
  12. Thank you all for your replies and suggestions.

    I've actually been thinking about this but I don't know if I want to pay the price for it. It's so cute though. I'll have to check it out in person.

    I've been lusting over a wapity for a long time now, especially the white MC one, but I keep telling myself I don't need it because I have a azur mini pouch, plus what I'm really looking for right now is something thin that can slip in my pants pocket real easy.

    Right now I'm leaning towards the Azur or the denim cles...or maybe the mini lin or the t&b...shoot I don't know :smile:

    Question, is the T&B the same size as the normal mono cles, but with the T&B logo on it, or is it bigger? Thanks

    What I'd really like is a Zippy Coin Purse, but I'm holding out for an azur, vernis or MC one...
  13. biggest is either the charms or perforated,
    after that i'd say the denim/mini lin, it will soften the most, damier/azur on mono
  14. The T & B is larger than the normal mono one. It's expandable as well, so it fits a lot. I have one and love it.
  15. The Mono Cles and the new T&B Cles holds alot. You can see visuals in the Cles Club thread.