What's the largest Birkin there is?

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  1. Is 50cm a Birkin or a HAC? And is 50cm the largest?
  2. I think just the HAC comes in 50cm but I could be wrong, and I do think 50cm is the largest.
  3. Birkins also come in 50cm. They used to have a regular Birkin in 45cm.
  4. My Japanese Hermes Perfect Book has a HAC 60cm (H48xW60xD30), but I have never seen in irl.
  5. :graucho:Can someone please post some pictures of those 45 or 50 cm birkins???
  6. The 45cm is on the right with a 35cm next to it for comparison. Keep in mind, this is a regular Birkin, not a travel bag.
  7. OMG love it...
    Look at those handles...Can you please post a picture of it open, both sides??
    I think it´s going to be my next bag...

  8. omg, can you imagine how heavy it would be!
  9. my SA said that he saw a birkin 60 come in for refurbishment. I guess it was made back in the day where you could order a specific size. He said it was created to fit saddles inside and it was incredibly heavy. I hope it was restored well because he said that its wasn't in the best condition
  10. HAC 60cm from the pages of Monde
  11. :yes:
  12. What is the difference, if any, between a travel birkin and a 50cm? I see travel birkins every time I visit the boutique but are those the same as the 50cm?
  13. I don't know this either and would be interested to know :yes:
  14. A 50cm would have to be a travel Birkin. The largest size the regular Birkin ever came in was a 45cm. It's no longer available.
  15. ^ i think they are the same, due to the heavy weight of the leather, travel bags are usually lined in toile/canvas as they would become far to heavy to carry. I'm not sure but maybe a 50 birkin has leather lining, while a travel birkin is with toile