What's the IT bag nowadays?

  1. Ok, so my bf is giving me $1500 to purchase a bag of my choice. I don't know which bag I want. I always wanted the Chloe paddington....but pple complain that it's too heavy and the screws and stuff are coming loose???

    These are my choices so far:

    Gucci medium tote is nice.......$830.00
    Dior small trotter...................$575.00
    LV speedy in multicolor.........$1710.00
    Luella baby gisele..................$995.00
    Luella stevie tote..........sale...$765.90

    I would also consider a Chanel, but can't seem to find any online. I'm from Fayetteville, NC and there are no high end department or boutiques. There's a Saks w/ LV and a Nordstrom in Raleigh. Other than that there's nothing. Most of my purchases are online. I've never seen any of the bags in person except for the LV speedy in MC. I would consider any other bags if someone would post a pic up. Thanks you.
    NMV6099_mp.jpg p11048843_ph_hero.jpg p10470364_ph_althero_White.jpg NMV6804_mp.jpg 123.jpg
  2. Luellas are also VERY heavy.

    It looks like you prefer hand held versus shoulder?

    And in terms of IT bags...there are so many. I think you should just go with what you like!

    I recommend the Neiman Marcus website, as a least you can send it back.

    Passing along a Tod's at neimanmarcus.com that I believe can be hand held or go on the shoulder (comes in black, too), $1050:

    tod's decoupage.jpg

    Tod's bags are very understated, but very very nice!!

    And what a nice BF!
  3. lucky girl!!!
  4. Thanks........btw I lived in Hawaii too. My best friend still lives there. Yes, I guess I do prefer hand helds more.

    I have wanted some bags that i've seen online but when I go to the actual Saks store, they're not as appealing as on the website. So it's hard. Plus the Saks in NC is real small. Has LV boutique and some other purses here and there like Juicy, Theory, Luella, MJ. I do like the baby gisele which isn't as heavy as the large one but not as roomy =(.

    I would really like to know what the Dior bag looks like before I order it.
  5. What a nice bf

    happy shopping!!!! :smile:

    Is your bf available to train husbands???
  6. Ditto!

    Good luck shopping!
  7. some places to look at expensive bags:

    I really recommend going to a store to try things on. It's hard to predict the size and sometimes you just never know if you love a bag or hate it until you see it in person. If you have time over the weekend maybe plan a shopping trip to DC, or Atlanta?
  8. Oh yeah by the way, the Dior bag is tiny tiny tiny, albeit super cute! When I was playing with it in the Saks store I wondered to myself if it's made for babies... or little kids.
  9. Don 't just go with a bag because it is an it bag, go with something you like.

    I like the LV multicolor speedy and the Luella stevie out of the choice above.
    I also love the Denim LV I just got so maybe you would look into that.
    My advice is to shop around.
  10. You may also want to consider something from LV's epi line .... maybe a red epi Speedy. Also check out www.gucci.com There are some fabulous bags to choose from! Happy hunting!
  11. Is the gift money only for one purchase? I'd get more bang for my buck and the the Dior Trotter and the Luella Stevie for still under 1500.

    I'd probably go for a Paddington or a Mulberry myself. If your B/F is feeling particularly generous tell him my B-day is late May..LOL
  12. Balenciaga :biggrin:
  13. Jinsun,

    If you always liked Chloe Paddington, go for it.

    If you get another bag, would you wish you got a Paddy in the first place? The newer Paddington Satchels are lighter. The thing with Chloe bag is that the leather varies from bag to bag, it would be nice if you can inspect some in person.

    If you are up for it, I would recommend getting it from stores here (not NAP/LVR; S&H+custom_fees add up) with good/flexible return policy (ie. full refund, not just store credit; no restock fee) since you are unsure. Since there's a Nordstrom around your area, you can ask a local SA to request a bag from another store & ship it to you directly (S&H is waived). You might be able to get a 20% off on it today as well.

    Good luck.. =)
  14. Yes, Nordstroms often waives the shipping, what do you mean you can get 20% off, please share :smile:
  15. Hey you can go online to chanel.com look at what they offer and then call the various stores or ask for a catalog. Plus some of the ladies here have beautiful bags and that can also give you a idea about what Chanel you might like. Just an idea.:idea: