whats the inventory like at LV stores?

  1. hey everyone! im gong to the LV store at Bal Harbour shops in miami on wednesday...daddy's treat its my bday sooon!! normally i would buy online, but he wants to see where his money is going lol! so if i go to LV in like 3 days, will they have the damier speedy 25 in stock?? it seems like such a hot item...or the perfo speedy? i would looooove to know! thanks everyone. :P
  2. call ahead. It is doubtful that they will have the damier speedy in stock, but it's possible.
  3. Call and see if they can have one on hold for you. It never hurt to ask them ahead of time. Happy early b-day!!
  4. yes you should just call and put on the side a damier speedy and a perfo speedy too!
  5. Make the call! Put stuff on hold and decide when you get there. They usually get shipments regularly, but don't always know what is in them. If you usually buy on line, this will be more fun! You will have a bigger selection and get the champagne and gift wrap! Happy LV, BDAY to you!!
  6. Champagne? Must have missed something so far...:mad:
  7. The only champagne I expect to see is at the LV party on Thursday night! I hope you get the perf speedy, I have it in green. Always call ahead and have the SA put a hold on whatever items you want to look at.