What's the inspiration for the Le Fabuleux?

  1. I was starring at my blue Le fab today (i was totally bored @ work today). I was thinking about what inspired the le fab. My conclusion....Nautical

    Boats have lots of rivets and brass....thus the le fab!

    what do you think the inspiration was or what was the REAL inspiration for the le fab??
  2. "une femme fabuleuse"

    = a fabulous woman :biggrin:

    well.... actually, I've mentioned this several times already that I don't understand why all the Suhali bag names are in the masculin form........ so maybe it's really "un homme fabuleux = a fabulous man" that gave rise to le Fabuleux lol

    okie, I don't really know, that's just my guess lol :shrugs:
  3. They wanted a bag that could make the shabbiest of people look good.

    and the le fab was born!
  4. ummm... sorry, i find that really insulting to owners of le Fabuleux. LVlover has like 5 of these bags, so does that make her 5 TIMES more shabby than an already shabby person?????????
  5. what? its a great bag, and I was trying to add emphasis on how great a bag is. I don't know what she looks like so no insult intended.
  6. What she said wasn't in the least bit insutling, she said it can make ANYONE look good, thus it makes people look fabulous. :shrugs:
  7. :yes:
  8. My Le Fab looks more fab than me most times :lol:
  9. ME ofcourse


    iduno I think it was inspired by the trunks since it has alot of hardware and they also wanted a line of ultra quality bags to go agains birking and other brands, making all suhali bags gorgeous I would love a white l'extravagant:love:
  10. yes I would love a white suhali bag - it would be the ultimate in extravagence for me...
  11. dunno...
  12. I don't know.. but I am curious what it is
  13. suhali names were inspired by old models of trunks (rigides)
  14. ^^i think thats the inspiration

  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: