What's the HOT style for spring 2008?

  1. I have been out of the COACH loop for a while (been in LV-land lately)...and was wondering, what is THE HOT style for spring 2008? I have been eyeing the Bleecker flap and duffle (the colors are awesome), but is there anything that COACH fans are waiting for/drooling over? :p
  2. The new Heritage totes are pretty hot, Carly is always hot, pleated Ergos are coming out in a couple of months and there may be new Legacy items coming out (not sure yet though). Some gals like the Bleeckers but that's hit and miss, just depends on your own tastes.

    Oh, and cool that you're in Minn! I'm in SD! Brrrrr!!
  3. Yeah I saw pics of the Heritage totes...very classy!
  4. I'm waiting to see the pleated ergos and any new Legacy bags myself. Hopefully they will be out around the same time as the next PCE!
  5. I am lusting after the Heritage stripe tote myself.. but I am also waiting on these pleated ergos, and that pond patent ergo!!!

    I think pink is hot this season too :tup:
  6. There seems to be some gorgeous pond blue patent Ergos on the horizon:tender: and I did spy a white Miranda in the latest catalog. Be still my foolish heart!!:love:
  7. I cannot wait to see the pleated ergos too!!!!!! I hope they come out w/ some REALLY nice colors!!!!!! I LOVE the ergo line!!!!!!
  8. ME TOO ! My Fav. Bags !!!! Does anyone know of/have any pics of the pleated ergos !?!?
  9. I haven't seen a pic of these pleated ergo totes yet. does anyone have any pics?
  10. i havent seen any either - but am dying to - i have a feeling most of my spring purchases will be ergos -
  11. ME TOO!!!!!!!
  12. This is the only pic so far that we've seen of what may be a pleated ergo but this bag is huge and not cheap! It's fun to look at though since it gives an idea of what the pleated ergos could look like!

  13. ^^
    Everytime I see that bag I just want to eat it........:drool:
  14. guess what lining it has??!?!

  15. HOLY ***BEEP*** If that is the pleated ergo it is so MINE! How much was it?