What's the HOT bag in HongKong now?

  1. my friend is relocating to Hong Kong and wants to blend right in... ;)

    which LV is most commonly seen in Central and TST?
  2. I'm guessing...speedy???
  3. hong kong people are very fashion forward. i've seen a lot of lv- in different shapes, sizes and prints. i don't know if there's really any one bag that is hot. i see a lot fo the neverfulls and dentelles being carried around, though. so i guess in terms of popularity- i'd say good, old mono is on the top of the list.
  4. i see a lot of mono stuff in hong kong when I go there. people in hk love LV thats all I can say
  5. I would say go with something classic like speedy in mono.
  6. I think neverfull is the latest bag that everybody has 1. Speedy Azur and BH is the second that I always see when I walk around central.
  7. i think mono is still the most popular style in HK.
  8. i went back for the chinese new yr in feb and saw couple of mini lin speedies, noe (worn across the body) and thats about it.

    i saw loads of people wearing gucci though. everytime walked pass a gucci shop there was always a queue right outside.
  9. For the general crowd, it's LV monogram, and for the more fashion forward (and willing to pay), it's anything LE. And HK ppl are never behind, so it's all Dentelle, Olympe, and the occasional Mirior still.

    I think if you carry anything LV, you'll blend right in.
  10. anything LV in Mono is popular.
  11. Like everybody said...

    I just came back from HK and I must say that I'm getting sick of mono Speedys (all sizes), BH/BV, Neverfull (all sizes...although IMO a lot of the girls there are much too small to be carrying GM) because 50% of people carry those bags. For me, blending in is no no, I'd rather get something unique. I see lots of Noes too.
  12. so i guess, for the mainstream, it's speedy, BH, neverfull and noe. and basically mono :smile:

  13. mono for sure =P
  14. i think speedy in mono..
  15. defintiely speedy in all sizes and series, even a lot of girls carry it to school. Speedy also always at the top of the list for second hand market and theft target (oops)