What's the highest $$$ you've seen a Bbag go for?

  1. In doing a search, I saw an '04 Lilac City go for $2746. That's the highest I've seen! I didn't know Lilac was THAT hot. :nuts:
  2. That is the most I've seen...I think that was Dude's auction, right?
  3. Yes, it was Dude's auction ... coincidentally, I was prompted to read the entire thread about that particular auction last night after reading people joking about how firstclass should definitely not sell her Lilac '04 City because it will go down in history as one of the most followed eBay auctions on PF! ;)
  4. yep, that is the all time high to my knowledge. I sometimes ponder what would happen if a mint condition seafoam city popped up from Dude... I wonder what would happen...
  5. Yep, it was from Dude. Unfortunately the pics were gone from the auction so I couldn't see it. Was it someone here who got it?
  6. Ohh, I missed what Fiat was saying. Thanks Cate!

    That bag is soooo beautiful! Firstclass if you read this, it looks so great on you!
  7. Wow, that must be one rare b-bag - and a BEAUTY too! :love:
  8. 04 lilac is so coveted!
    firstclass, it must be awesome to own a b-bag with so much history and fame! :nuts:
  9. Yeeaahhhhhh I'm here ladies :yahoo: !!! Ohh yes - this 'hot' story I'll never forget - and for that 'high-price' reason I never can sell this '04 Lilac city anymore - I still LOVE it and it's my favorite bag ;) :roflmfao: :love: ! Thank you for all your compliments - I'm touched :shame: :flowers:
  10. That is a gorgeous bag. Looks good on her.
  11. Dude's auctions are always exciting with lots of interest, I have a couple of her bags too.