What's the highest number of handbags you bought in one shopping trip?

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  1. I've had outlet trips where my item count = 12+, but most items (if not all!) were accessories.

    What's the most number of BAGS that you've purchased at one time?

    Mine is not too impressive, 2.
    I purchased a black and a camel Leigh (at outlet) at the same time.

    I know some people like to buy several bags to "test drive" at home, so I'm guessing the numbers could be high!
  2. Mine is 2 each time too!!
  3. Two handbags at the most
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    My highest number of bags in one trip is 7. In my defense though - LOL!, that was when the outlet had the legacy bags for a steal and 2 of those were for my daughter. Awww, I remember that day well, I had gone to the outlet an hour away and the whole way home I kept feeling like I was transporting precious goods and that I had better NOT have an accident that day. haha, didn't want all that Coach spilled all over the freeway! Me and my daughter had quite the Coach party in our living room that night trying everything on. good times, good times...............
  5. The most bags I've ever bought for myself in one trip is 2-3 I think, but during the holidays I've been known to buy 6 or more at a time as gifts for people. That's always fun!
    My last outlet trip I bought one large bag, 3 accessories for the bag (pouch, mini, etc), a card/checkbook holder, perfume, & lip gloss all for about $375. I love when I can really stock up and not break the bank!
    I typically don't buy several bags at once with the intentions of deciding later which to keep because I don't live close very close to any outlets.
  6. At least four but maybe even five. I always feel greedy when I buy more than one or two.
  7. Mine is also 2.
  8. Two.. but they both had the matching wallet and cosmetic/wristlet to go with them.
  9. for myself - 3
  10. Mine is two at a time
  11. Mine is 3 at a time.
  12. I bought 3 bags this past weekend..(2) 1 day and 1 the next...I gave my DF one and my DD 1 and the 3rd bag I got for myself....It is the most # of bags purchased in one weekend.
  13. I think the most I bought at one time is 3. Hehe...around the time that they started 50% clearance and there was tons of Legacy bags. I walked out with Gigi, Lily and Francine. I then felt a little guilty and returned the Francine....I've been regretting that one for awhile.
  14. one. oh, i wish i had the funds to buy multiple bags at once. :girlsigh: although, i am extremely picky and only want a few select bags in certain colors.
  15. I have never bought more than one in a visit. However, I have 3 with the tags still on them, all bought within a week of each other. Two have to go back. I just couldn't decide.