What's the function of a DUSTBAG?

  1. I have LV's, Coach's, and a Balenciaga all sitting on my "bag rack" and on top of their dustbags. lol. Defeating the purpose? :nuts: Is there a real reason to keep your bag in it's dust bag? You see, I rotate between 7 bags daily, depending on the outfit, and sometimes I need to see them all (I guess I'm a visual person :p) with the outfit of choice before choosing which suits it best. So - is there a real point to the dust bag, other than to protect it? I have them on their own rack, so they're away from harm. Is there any other reason? Oxidation or something?
  2. wowser, 7 bag changes a day :biggrin:, now thats some costume change lol!

    I store mine in them, mainly to stop sunlight from changing the colour of the bag and to stop them becoming dusty, but again, I keep them in my wardrobe too!!

    I find the shoe dustbags a godsend for travelling, as when you have worn your shoes you dont want them dirtying other things in the case, so they come into their own then too :smile:
  3. I never used my coach dust bag and I wish I did... it would still be clean.
  4. I think it just keeps them from getting dusty.
  5. dustbag = protection from dust. Hmmph. Who woulda thunk it? :p
  6. I don't store my bags in the dustbags. But I use them when I'm travelling, to store my bags and if not, I use them for my shoes.
  7. I always use my dustbags to store my bags. It definitely keeps them clean AND dust free.
  8. If a bag is in current rotation and I consider it for use every day when putting together an outfit, then it usually rests on top of the dustbag. But if I go for a week or more without using it, into the dustbag it goes!
  9. I never considered this question until now. I always kept my bags in their dustbags b/c it never occurred to me not to. I keep my shoes in their boxes too. I guess keeping my shoes and bags protected keeps the dust off of them.
  10. I am obsessive with the DB. I rarely don't put my bags back in them overnight.
  11. I use dustbags on bags that I rarely use. For bags that get used a lot, I don't. Mostly because I am lazy I guess, but I also don't see the need to. I mean, I do use them enough so they dont get dusty because of that.
  12. This is how I am, I guess. My LV partition, which is rarely used, is safely in its dustbag - but the other bags I rotate with are on top of theirs. I haven't heard any reason thus far to not continue with the aforementioned system :p
  13. I don't really use the dust bags either (unless the bag is super delicate). I like to see the bags I have otherwise I forget what I own!:wacko::lol:
  14. I do use them to keep dust off and to keep them from rubbing against each other (so naughty!) :lol:
  15. my mom (who doesn't completely understand my bag "issue") says "if a bag has its OWN bag, it has to be expensive...
    me: "gee, ma...you THINK?!?!?!"