What's the first thing you do in the morning??

  1. I usually race my sister to the front door, whoever wakes up first and gets to the door gets to read the newspapers 1st.... silly, but slightly entertaining at 5am in the morning before classes and when the other person takes 20 min. to finish reading them!

    We've done ridiculous things like trying to set our alarms 5 min. ahead of each other :biggrin:
  2. Stumble downstairs to feed the cat and make coffee. Yawn........
  3. First thing in the morning? Sleep in.
  4. shower......i'm not conscious til i've taken a hot hot shower :smile:
  5. Pick up a squarking child. Aaaaagggghhhhh, just the thought of sleeping in.......
  6. hahahaha! You guys are so cute! and WOW, 5am is early! For me turning off my alarm is the first thing. Then I do lots of streching. It's the only way I can get going!
  7. Check The Purse Forum . :biggrin:
  8. hit snooze!
  9. Brush teeth, make coffee, turn on music.
  10. Jump in the shower!! Then take the puppies out...
  11. Pee :P
  12. get a cup of coffee..can't do anything until I have that
  13. Definitely shower.
  14. i sleep for another 30. mins and then i put my contacts in. shower, make-up, dress, leave.
  15. gotta pee first.