What's the first rated R movie you ever saw?

  1. Mine was Rainman. I went with my dad. The first R film I was allowed to see in a theater without adult supervision was Pretty Woman.
  2. LOL...some forgettable film called "Firestarter" with a very young Drew Barrymore in it. I went to the movie theater with a GF and I was one week shy of my 17th b-day but whew I didn't get carded!

    Remember this was the olden days (early 80s) before my family had cable or a VCR.
  3. Mine was Scream 2 I believe. I went with my girlfriends in Jr. High and none of us could sleep that night!
  4. That's an awesome movie. I totally forgot about that one.
  5. I think the first rated R movie I ever saw was Nightmare on Elm St. Part 3. My mom had to give permission for my best friend and I to see it. We were like 12 years old at the time. Back in those days R rated movies were not a big deal like they are now.
  6. The Shining!:wtf:

    I think I was 12!
  7. I think it was Car Wash, my sister, brother and cousins took me with them to the movies. I still have the soundtrack on LP and also on CD.
  8. Mine was The Exorcist. I was like 4. LOL My parents let me watch whatever I wanted. I handled the horror movies better than they did!
  9. I believe mine was Purple Rain. My cousin and I snuck and look at it on Showtime or HBO and my uncle had it on tape. Cursing, nudity, you name it. We were up late looking at it, hoping we didn't get caught. LOL
  10. Mine was "the harrod experiment" w/a young Don Johnson.
  11. Queen of the Damned. My mom bought me the ticket and she let me go by myself. :smile:
  12. that i remember, Seven....
  13. I don't know if this was rated R or not.. but I remember being very young and my babysitter let me watch "Evil Dead" with her. It was downhill from there LOL. I'm a total gore/horror junkie.
  14. At home? Poetic Justice I was 5 and ummmm... at the movies? I dont know. Probably scream or something.
  15. It was probably Aliens or Nightmare on Elm St. My brother and I were probably 4 or 5, and my mum took us to the cinema to watch it as she was scared to watch it herself..

    The first movie i watched myself was Se7en, with my high school friends after school, and i remember saying that it did not justify having an R rating (as i thought it wasn't that bad)

    I was still underage, but still managed to get in for some reason