What's The First LV Item Your Buying In 2008??

  1. So, what is on tap for the first LV item you will be getting in 2008? :graucho:

    Unfortunately I will not be getting anything till spring! (Yikes!) :wtf:

    How about you all? Will you be getting something soon, or more toward spring?
  2. I am deciding between the azur Berkeley or the blue Mini Lin Croisette Speedy. I hope to get either one. I want both, but I gotta be good. lol
  3. ^^Ha ha, I know what you mean! I am really liking the Berkley too. I would love to get it in the chocolate damier.
  4. Probably something from the rumored purple/violet in either epi or vernis line (or both) ... anything purple for me ... me loves purple!
  5. Something vernis - either pomme or amarante - I would love a Rosewood or Sunset Blvd but I'll probably just get the key and chain holder - is this the same thing as a cles?
  6. I know what will be ARRIVING soon...a bronze Vernis Thompson St.
    It's going to be soo gorgeous. :tup:
  7. I need to get my Pocket Agenda refills. Other than that, I might either be getting the Damier Macao Clutch, Pochette Tikal, MC Widescreen iPod Case, or Pochette Bosphore?
  8. I'm totally jealous!!!!:graucho::graucho:

    Congrats to you!!!
  9. Ooo, John, nice choices! I hate having to choose! ;)
  10. 2 somethings tomorrow (shh secret!) for the rest of 2008: Miroir Hearts; something purple/violet vernis if applicable; any new inclusion colors (bracelets); Suhali Le Fab and Lockit Pm (maybe just one but we'll see) and Aquarelle speedy probably in black.

    big year ahead...lol....
  11. I will probably wait a few months before getting my next bag. I've over indulged in 2007, will have to take things slower in 2008. :amazed:

    **But as soon as I get over the guilt I'm getting a Suhali bag, yet to be determined.. lol.
  12. I want to get my first LV this year - a 25 damier speedy :tup: or a cabas piano...or even a batignolles horizontal. Can't make up my mind, I'll probably end up with all three!
  13. I'm probably going to start off really small in 08. I'll probably get a damier cles because I reeeeeally want one. I'll make a bigger purchase in Feb or March!
  14. Well it will be somethin small as i'm saving up for a Miu Miu bag but after that it will be a damier pochette (then after that) the Mini lin croisett french wallet (red) and the damier neverfull MM.
  15. I've always wanted the Macao clutch! This is something I hope to get in 08, but probably down the road a little!