What's the first handbag you ever had?

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  1. Mine was the Coach pochette! What was your first designer bag?
  2. Coach Sabrina, in black satin!
  3. My first was the Chloe Silverado!
  4. Louis Vuitton Papillon 25 - brought in 2003 still have it and still loving it!!
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  5. prada logo jacquard. I don't remember the exact code. I am still using it now, especially for work and travelling
  6. Mine was the Gucci Horsebit large hobo
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  7. It was a small plastic bag.....
    I was two years old!:smile:
  8. My first designer bag was LV Speedy...
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  9. Coach Station Bag
  10. Mine was Botkier chrystie and I still have it. :smile:
  11. Mine was a Louis Vuitton speedy 25, Damier Ebene that my mother passed down to me =)
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  12. My 1st bag may have been a WWII canvas map case.
    Then I got bag shaped as a plastic house--with little, yellow chimney.:biggrin:
    My 1st designer bag did not have a little, yellow chimney.:sad:
    The design fools...
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  13. The first bag I remember really lusting after was a Dooney & Burke mini-backpack when I was 16 or 17. Actually my boyfriend's younger sister had it first, and hers was the one I really wanted, but so as not to be a total copycat, I got mine in brown & tan (not the cream & navy that I really wanted). Still enjoyed the bag a lot, though. LOL.
  14. This is so funny , a cheap little bag from forever 21 that looked like a beach bag lmao
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  15. My first bag was a little tin Hello Kitty lunch pail (still have it).
    My first designer bag was a Marc Jacobs hobo.
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