What's the Fall IT bag?

  1. summer is almost over, what are you gonna carry during the fall?
  2. the it bag movement is over, imho.

    designers will try to push one out through marketing and celebs, but the handbag market has gone through that phase and now women just wear what they want (thank god).

    for fall i'll carry my black coffer, naturel gh bal brief and black bal city.
  3. I completely agree with the IT bag movement starting to fade. I do think designers will continue to try and push new, innovative designs for bags but the increase in designer knockoffs and inspired bags is what is making the IT bag seem less significant.

    I'll be using my Juicy Couture Lady Caroline hobo and Furla Yolande shopper. I'm hoping to get a Botkier Cherry Bianca (large) soon to add to my bag rotation.
  4. Whatever I decide to get, lol!
  5. I just got a couple new monogrammed canvas Louis Vuittons so thats what I will be carrying...:smile:
  6. I'm looking to get a large Bianca in cherry for fall, too, LadyV!
  7. Awesome! Have you had any luck? I can't find one online besides the Botkier site. I heard that some Nordstrom and Bloomingdales stores have it but only a few of them since it seems to be a popular bag. Oh well, I guess I just have to keep checking eBay. lol
  8. The Nancy Rodriguez bags are nice for fall. I think Marc patent leather is the staple though... that and the Stella McCartney patent leather colored bags. And Guyard is the total underdog, even though EVERYONE is getting one of those little bags. They are o.k.
  9. i just saw the botkier bianca in cherry at bloomingdales...gorgeous!
    for fall i'm going to be carrying the miu miu spring bag in coffee brown and the kooba cassandra in black...those are MY "it" bags!!!
  10. Thank goodness the IT bag phenom is over. It was getting so old and tired. For the fall, I'll probably be carrying my brand new cinnamon balenciaga. It's my first bbag and I'm falling in love with it.
  11. Agreed about the IT bag sentiment. I'll be giving my pomegranate Marc Jacobs venetia more love this fall :biggrin:
  12. Probably something by Chanel but whether it is 'it' or not is pretty irrelevant to me!
  13. ^^I agree with this sort of attitude!
  14. Can't put a finger on one "it" bag. I wonder whether oversized hobos or lady-like satchels will be the predominant style for Fall.
  15. Nothing seems to have emerged as the "IT" bag, yet, IMO. But there are tons that are gorgeous that I would be happy to own.