what's the exact size of birkin bag ?

  1. Hi ,

    when we say 35 , 30 cm ? what does that mean ? the width ? & what is the height ?

    I attached a pic of a brikin bag ? can you please help me by giving me the measurment of the arrows ( red , blue , yellow ) for size 30 & 35 ?:confused1:

  2. Why don´t you just measure it? Could be a 30.
  3. That's LaVan's. It's a 30, I am sure.
    Mira, no offense - I had asked the 30/35 question already for you in another thread.
  4. yes .
    but i want to know the full dimention size ??
    please i really need it
  5. thanks hello2703
  6. the pic i posted isn't mine ?? i don't have the bag to measure it ?

    I'm trying to figure out shall i take size 30 or 35
  7. I've just measured my 35: It's 35cm width x26cm height x17cm depth roughly. I don't know the 30 b/c I don't have one....HTH
  8. Mira, how tall are you? Perhaps you can send us a pic holding one of your current bags, that would help.
  9. thanks a lot duna ... :flowers:
  10. I'm Not tall ... I'm 158 cm , but I like big bags
    I love the size of Bottega Venta sloane bag it fits me well & the Fendi spy bag
  11. Sorry I am not familiar with those bags.
    Just remember that Birkins *can* get heavy. So perhaps a 30 might be better.
  12. Anyone can post the measurmnets of 30 cm birkin ?
  13. 30cm Birkin:-

    30cm width x 15cm (depth) - the side x 24cm (height) - measuring from the highest part of the back.
  14. Thanks :graucho: