whats the easiest store to find in Paris?

  1. my family are going on a holiday to france and ive asked them to pick me up a bag, i want to put an order through so they can have it ready which shop is easiest to find so i can call them? btw is lv more expencive in paris as apossed to other areas of france?
  2. Hi!

    the easiest store to find in paris would be the LV flagship store at Champs Elysees! you can't miss this store!

    'just went to paris last weekend and i'm not sure about lv being more expensive in paris vs. other areas of france, but the prices at the flagship store are definitely much much cheaper vs. anywhere else I've seen (even without the tax rebate yet)!

    i was able to buy a Speedy Mono 35 :smile:...good luck on your purchase!
  3. Yes it´s the easiest to find, but there is a long queue at the entrance, as they only allow people in small groups.
    So if they are not patient, there is the Saint Germain shop, quiet, great ! It´s easy it´s at the metro station "Saint Germain", and on the "Place Saint Germain" it´s the 1st shop you see !
    There is also the one in the Department store "Galeries Lafayettes" , but it´s more crowded.
    And the prices are the same everywhere in France.
  4. one thing i would say about buying in Paris - they generally ask foreigners to present their passport when making a purchase - i only know this as i tried to buy a bag and they asked to see it when i gave them my credit card and saw i was English. That was in the Champs Elysee store
  5. There are several stores in Paris. There is the famous Champs store and also boutiques inside Galeries Lafayette and Le Bon Marche department stores. Make sure if you use a credit card, you find out how much the CC company will charge you to transact the purchase in euros. Most charge between 1-4%. Some Capital One and USAA cards do not charge a transaction fee, so try to get it as low as you can, because that will add to your cost. You should be able to get the tax refund back also, which may save you some money. I know the Euro has been very high against the dollar in recent weeks, so do your homework.

    If your family members go to the Galeries Lafayette store, ask for Jesse. He is the SA I know there and he's really nice.
  6. Balenciaga is on Avenue George V (V is for 5), close to champs Elysees.
    Hermes is on Rue Saint Honoré, which is a narrow street parallel to champs Elysées, where the presidentiel palace is (L'Elysée)

    I think Department stores like Galeries Lafayette and Le bon Marché have limited lines. Le Bon MArché (my favorite department store) is close to Metro stop Sevres/Babylone, but not close to champs Elysées.

    Galeries Lafayette is just behind the opera.

    Good luck!
  7. I looooove that store too. My favorite in Paris!!! :love:
  8. Depending on the hotel your folks are staying at, you might be able to arrange a purchase via the concierge and have it delivered straight to the room. Your mileage may vary, of course.
  9. Check my earlier posts - Corner of Champs Elysees and Ave.George V. Thats the flagship Louis Vuitton - also one on the left bank around the corner from Cafe de fleur - Dept. store - I love Galeries Lafayette - near the Opera for one. If you are interested in Gerard Darel - they are all over but a nice one is at 174 Blvd. St. Germaine.
  10. Do they also ask if you don't ask for the VAT refund? :weird: So hypothetically speaking everyone who doesn't speak french fluently will be asked for the passport?!